Neymar triumphs as court suspends millions in fines for environmental offense

Neymar triumphs as court suspends millions in fines for environmental offense

Festus Chuma 11:51 - 11.04.2024

Neymar wins court battle over environmental fines for lake at his mansion, with judge siding with state environmental authority's findings.

Brazilian soccer star Neymar has emerged victorious in a legal battle over environmental fines amounting to a staggering $3 million (Ksh 390,845,125) originally imposed for the creation of a lake at his luxurious mansion in Mangaratiba, on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. 

According to media reports, a court in his homeland decided to suspend these fines after a judge ruled in favor of the player citing insufficient grounds for the environmental licenses initially deemed necessary for the project.

The fines, which had been levied by the town council of Mangaratiba for what were described as "environmental violations," were called into question by Judge Adriana Ramos de Mello. 

She pointed to a report from the state environmental authority, INEA, which clarified that Neymar's lake project did not, in fact, require the special environmental permits originally cited as the basis for the fines.

This decision came as a relief to Neymar, who currently plays for Al Hilal SFC, highlighting the judge's concern over the disproportionate and potentially illegal prejudice that the hefty fines would have imposed on him. 

The controversy had centered around a series of alleged infractions, including unauthorized work, diversion of river water, and removal of vegetation—all related to the construction of an artificial lake at Neymar's estate.

Neymar's property, purchased in 2016, is no stranger to grandeur, featuring amenities such as a heliport, spa, and gym. 

The environmental authorities' visit uncovered a range of irregularities, leading to the halting of the lake's creation and spotlighting issues such as stream diversion, unauthorized water abstraction, and prohibited excavations.

Despite these challenges the recent court ruling underscores the findings of INEA's inspection which affirmed that no environmental license was required for Neymar's activities thus rendering the alleged infractions baseless.

This legal victory marks a significant milestone for Neymar ensuring that his ambitious plans for his Mangaratiba mansion nestled within a scenic tourist town approximately 130 kilometers from Rio can proceed without the looming threat of multimillion-dollar fines.

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