Al-Hilal mock ‘wrestler’ Cristiano Ronaldo for getting sent off during Super Cup semifinal

Cristiano Ronaldo was mocked by Al Hilal on TikTok | Khaleej Times

Al-Hilal mock ‘wrestler’ Cristiano Ronaldo for getting sent off during Super Cup semifinal

Ayoola Kelechi 17:05 - 09.04.2024

Cristiano Ronaldo's actions have been likened to wrestling moves after Al-Hilal's hilarious TikTok post

The Saudi Super Cup semi-final witnessed a dramatic turn of events as Cristiano Ronaldo's frustrations boiled over, leading to a controversial red card. Here's a breakdown of the incident and Al-Hilal's humorous response:

Ronaldo's Tumultuous Outing

Ronaldo's presence added an extra layer of excitement to the Saudi Super Cup encounter between rivals Al-Nassr and Al-Hilal, however, the match took a tumultuous turn when Ronaldo's team faced a disastrous display, compounded by a disallowed goal that sparked outrage.

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Ronaldo's frustration reached a boiling point when a goal was disallowed, leading to a heated dispute with the referee. Matters escalated when Ronaldo, in a fit of anger, unleashed an elbow at an Al-Hilal player, resulting in a straight red card. His actions, including gesturing to punch the referee and sarcastically applauding, drew widespread attention and condemnation.

Al-Hilal's mock Ronaldo on TikTok

Despite Ronaldo's antics, Al-Hilal emerged victorious with a 2-1 win over Al-Nassr in the Super Cup semifinal. Following their triumph, Al-Hilal took to social media platform TikTok to poke fun at Ronaldo's red card incident.

@alhilal نجم الحلبة في كل محفل 🥊 One more time 🔄 One more strike 👊🏻 #AlHilal #tiktok #sportsontiktok ♬ original sound - UmiMashups

Al-Hilal posted a video mix on TikTok, juxtaposing Ronaldo's red card with a separate incident from last season. The video featured Ronaldo escaping a red card despite putting an Al-Hilal player in a headlock, accompanied by the soundtrack of famous wrestling star John Cena. The humorous post served as a lighthearted jab at Ronaldo's on-field antics.

While Cristiano Ronaldo's red card incident in the Super Cup semifinal captured headlines, Al-Hilal's humorous response on TikTok added a touch of levity to the situation. The playful post serves as a reminder that football, despite its intensity, can also be a source of entertainment and amusement. As both teams move forward, the incident will be remembered as a quirky moment in football history.

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