Nakivubo: A stadium in the mall shadow struggling for 2027 Africa Cup of Nations approval

Hamis Kiguundi, the Nakivubo Stadium re-developer poses for a photo inside the facility

FOOTBALL Nakivubo: A stadium in the mall shadow struggling for 2027 Africa Cup of Nations approval

Clive Kyazze 07:06 - 29.09.2023

Nakivubo Stadium, a renowned sports facility, will be open for public use again after a complete facelift.

Nakivubo was recently deemed unfit to host international games for the upcoming 2027 Africa Cup of Nations, a prestigious tournament that Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania have the honour of hosting.

The Pulse eSports independence Cup is set to take place on 9th October 2023

Much was developer Hamis Kiggundu believe Nakivubo will be one of the facilities used to host the 2027 Africa Cup of Nations, it was only submitted as a training ground in the successful Pamoja Bid.

While many might not know, the central issue stems from its positioning which is in the middle of a shopping mall, rendering the location inappropriate for such significant international events.

Shopping mall proximity

Part of the HAM shopping mall the surrounds Nakivubo Stadium | Daily Monitor Image

The close proximity of a shopping mall surrounds the stadium, introducing several logistical challenges.

This significant structure impacts the accessibility and exit routes needed for the smooth operation of international games.

Hosting games at Nakivubo will affects business surrounding the area for close to atleast four weeks.

Limited access routes

An aearial night view of Nakivubo stadium with limited access at facility

Owing to the aforementioned mall, the stadium has limited or no access routes, making it incredibly challenging to manage the inflow and outflow of the massive crowds that international games attract.

The limited accessibility causes substantial delays and congestion, inhibiting the smooth progression of events.

Blocked entry and exit routes

The pressing problem of the shopping mall directly affects the entry and exit routes.

The mall blocks essential paths, creating potential bottlenecks during events and raising security concerns that are crucial to address when hosting international matches.

Location in the busy city part

Nakivubo Stadium, in the its early stages of redevelopment, the facility is located in the busiest part of Kampala

Nakivubo Stadium resides in the busiest part of Kampala City, which brings forth additional concerns regarding road management.

To control the crowd and ensure the safety of the attendees, roads will likely have to be blocked and will only be accessed by matchday ticket holders.

This restriction places immense pressure on the city’s transportation system and disrupts the regular flow of city life.

Inconvenience to daily breadwinners

The blockage of roads and the related restrictions not only inconvenience the residents of Kampala City but also impact the daily breadwinners significantly.

For the duration of the tournament, people relying on daily earnings might experience difficulties in conducting their regular activities, subsequently affecting their livelihoods.

This array of issues, ranging from the encroachment of the shopping mall to the inconvenience caused to the daily wage earners, underscores why Nakivubo Stadium is considered an unsuitable venue for hosting international games like the 2027 Africa Cup of Nations.

The significant modifications required to overcome these challenges seem unfeasible, given the intrinsic limitations of the stadium’s location and structure.