Eva Garcia: Meet teenage Garnacho's stunning girlfriend

Photo montage of Eva Garcia and Man United star Garnacho

LIFESTYLE Eva Garcia: Meet teenage Garnacho's stunning girlfriend

Moses King 15:21 - 01.05.2023

Manchester United star's teenage star Alejandro Garnacho and Eva Garcia are expecting a baby boy.

But who is Eva Garcia?

Alejandro Garnacho, a forward for Manchester United, has been bombarded with positive news for several days.

The mother-to-be, Garcia, is a social media lifestyle influencer and an avid TikToker.

She enjoys sharing her moments on luxury travels, outings and cosy romance photos with the United star.

The couple have been dating for two years and have proof of it.

It is reported that the celebrity couple are both teenagers. However, Garcia's actual age is yet to be officially revealed.

Garcia seems to share a very warm relationship with her boyfriend's friends and family, and two were spotted celebrating the good news of the baby at a Cheshire restaurant.

Garnacho will be having a son at just 18 years old with partner Eva Garcia.
Garnacho and Garcia are expecting a baby boy. Instagram/Garnacho

Garcia posted on Instagram about their eagerness to become parents; "Where life begins, and love never ends."

"Planning your arrival and knowing you're going to be here to complete our lives fills us with love and excitement."

"We can't explain how we feel to be able to fulfil our biggest dream together. We're counting down the days to meet you; Dad and Mom already love you so much, Enzo," the post added.

Alejandro Garnacho is the next big prospect from Argentina and could make an impact at the World Cup.

The two are set for a longer period in England after Garnacho extended his contract till 2028.