Guinness Uganda Unveils Shs400M Sponsorship for Kobs, Rhinos, Warriors, and Premier Rugby Venues

RUGBY Guinness Uganda Unveils Shs400M Sponsorship for Kobs, Rhinos, Warriors, and Premier Rugby Venues

Clive Kyazze 18:25 - 01.04.2024

In a landmark move for Ugandan rugby, Guinness Uganda has announced an extensive sponsorship deal with prominent rugby clubs Kobs, Rhinos, and Warriors, alongside partnerships with Legends Rugby Grounds and Pitstop Sports Lounge.

This announcement was made during a press event held today at the Pitstop Sports Lounge in Jinja, coinciding with the celebrated Guinness Fun Rugby tournament.

Under this new agreement, Guinness will sponsor the three rugby clubs and establish Legends Rugby Grounds and Pitstop Sports Lounge as the official hubs of Guinness Rugby over the next three years.

This initiative, part of a multi-partnership deal exceeding Shs400m annually, underscores Guinness's dedication to nurturing rugby in Uganda.

Matilda Babuleka, Uganda Breweries' Head of Beer, emphasized the significance of these partnerships at the briefing.

"Guinness's ongoing commitment to the advancement of rugby in Uganda is evident through our numerous sponsorships and collaborations."

"Our support has spanned various tournaments, including the Guinness Sevens and today's Guinness Fun Rugby, in addition to backing the national Sevens team, the Rugby Cranes."

"With this initiative, we aim to bolster the core pillars of the sport—the clubs, players, and fans,” Babuleka stated.

Aligned with Guinness’s Black Shines Brightest campaign, which honors sports and creative industry stars, this sponsorship is set to empower teams and players, enhancing their performance on the field.

Babuleka further commented, “This sponsorship is pivotal for us. Beyond supporting the teams, we aim to elevate the matchday experience for fans, making it memorable when they come out to support their favorites.”

Over the next three years, Guinness will invest UGX400M annually into this partnership. Guinness's global association with rugby includes sponsorship of major tournaments like the Guinness Six Nations Championship.

Since 2007, the brand has been a significant supporter of rugby in Uganda, succeeding Bell Lager as the Rugby League sponsor.

It has since been involved with the Rugby Sevens League, dubbed the Guinness Rugby Sevens, supported the Sevens national team, and enhanced fan experiences with events such as the Rugby World Cup screening and the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Challenger series.