Plascon launches campaign rallying sports fans

Football fans cheering the Uganda Cranes during the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon | Courtesy Image

Plascon launches campaign rallying sports fans

Brian Aheebwa 09:00 - 28.03.2023

Kansai Plascon Uganda has launched a campaign rallying sports fans across all disciplines to support their respective teams actively.

Kansai Plascon Uganda has launched a campaign rallying sports fans across all disciplines to support their respective teams actively.

Dubbed Twaake, the campaign seeks to ignite the fire in every fan to show their colours whenever their team is in action.

This platform, the Managing Director, Santosh Gumte, says, is an initiative to promote the salient essence of teamwork to the success of any team during both the trying times and glorious days.

"When a team, players and fans, truly gel together and work as a seamless unit, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts," said Santosh before adding.

"Great as the individual pieces may be, they pale compared to the whole. That's why through this Twaake campaign, we seek to harness the value of teamwork between the teams and the fans for better results on and off the pitch/oval/court."

He further divulged that; "A person dressed in purple is merely that; a person dressed in purple. But if thousands are dressed in purple, that's a statement."

"It's a message. We seek to tap into this power of oneness in aspiration by urging all fans to turn up for their respective team to show their colours – Twaake. In sports, this is how you attract people to notice, fear or admire you."

Over the years, Kansai Plascon has been involved in Uganda sports, primarily in football and rugby, as a significant supporter of Kansai Plascon Football Club and Plascon Mongers Rugby Club.

But in recent years, the brand has rapidly stepped up its investment in sports expanding its partnerships to include Vipers SC, Arua Hill FC, Football Uganda Cup, Uganda Cricket Cranes, Netball She Cranes and Buddu FC.

This heavy investment created the need for a sports campaign that ties together and speaks to all the sports fans of the respective sports disciplines.

"As a brand, one of our core drives is to ensure a deeper connection with our customers that our relations may not be merely transactional."

"We go considerable miles to discover, explore and appreciate their varying passions. This, in turn, guides the type of partnerships we forge and to what degree," says Daniel Kayongo, the company's Brand Manager.

He adds that; "Sports being the great unifier as proven over the years, we have made a conscious decision to connect with our customers in these spaces."

"With the Twaake Campaign, we are giving them a platform to inspire them, re-energize and support their respective teams.

"This places Plascon side-by-side with its customers in the stands. Plascon is also calling on fans to stand up and be counted, through watching the games, filling the stadiums and joining the chants to cheer their teams," Kayongo added.

Through the Twaake Campaign, Plascon has provided a fan-centric platform to inspire action for collective benefit.

The call to the sports fans all over the country is single; join in, add your voice, show your support, start a fire, and together Twaake.

The campaign will be activated through various digital and physical engagements.