Ronaldo and the kebab story; the whole truth revealed

A photo montage of Ronaldo and Al-Muamar and a platter of Kebab (inset)

SPORTS GIST Ronaldo and the kebab story; the whole truth revealed

Moses King 16:56 - 28.04.2023

Former Al-Nassr president Musalli Al-Muammar, the man behind the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo, is reported to have described the move as a scam.

A quote attributed to Al-Muammar is trending online, and he is said to have regretted signing the star.

"I have only been cheated twice in my life, the first time when I asked for three kebabs, they gave me only two, the second time when I signed Cristiano Ronaldo", he alleged.

Al-Muammar resigned following a series of demoralising performances by the club.

Cristiano Ronaldo signed for Saudi based club Al-Nassr on Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

They were defeated by title rivals Al-Ittihad who moved six points clear and now could miss out on the title. Al-Wehda also eliminated them from the King Cup of Champions in the semi-final.

Several senior sports journalists have picked up the alleged statements attributed to Al-Muammar.

However, the club's press adviser, Walid Al-Muhaidib, has dismissed the reports.

"The talk in the Spanish press that we cheated on the Ronaldo deal, based on the Arabia News 50 website, is false and incorrect. The press came up with his joke and thought it was true", he told EFE Agency.

He further clarified that the Arabia News 50 website, the alleged news source, does not exist.

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 11 goals in 14 appearances for Al-Nassr the league this season

Ronaldo has scored eleven goals for the club in 14 league appearances but faces criticism for failing to lead the side to the title.