NBL: Basketball fans urged to uphold standards as second round takes full flight

Basketball fans have been urged to maintain discipline as the second round progresses| New Vision image

BASKETBALL NBL: Basketball fans urged to uphold standards as second round takes full flight

Ian Asabo 20:26 - 22.06.2023

National Basketball League fans are reminded to uphold their responsibility to maintain decorum and sportsmanship after an incident last week that raised concerns about fan behaviour.

During the fourth quarter, a fan of the Namuwongo Blazers disrupted the game by throwing a tumbler full of beer onto the court, which also splashed onto the City Oilers' bench, resulting in a temporary halt.

It is not the first time the NBL has witnessed such misconduct.

During a previous game between the UCU Canons and the Namuwongo Blazers, a similar incident occurred when another fan threw a pint onto the court from the Blazers' section.

In response to these incidents, Hudson Ssegamwenge, the vice president in charge of Administration at the Federation of Uganda Basketball Associations (FUBA), explained the consequences of disruptive behaviour:

"The rules explicitly state that any fan who negatively disrupts the game will be banned from attending any NBL event for the entire season,” Ssegamwenge said.

Taking decisive action, FUBA has penalized the perpetrators involved in both incidents, issuing bans and warnings to discourage similar conduct.

"The individual responsible for these acts has already been cautioned twice before, and as a result, we have banned him for one year, effective from the beginning of this second round.

“He will not be permitted to attend any FUBA-sanctioned activities," informed Ssegamwenge to Pulse Sports.

Moreover, Ssegamwenge emphasized the importance of maintaining respect and dignity within the game, urging fans to exhibit better behaviour.

"Fans play a crucial role in the success of the league, and we value their support.”

“However, it is essential that emotions are controlled during games to allow the athletes to perform at their best and provide us with quality entertainment," he added.

As the NBL enters the second round, stakeholders are determined to elevate the league's standards and preserve its integrity.

With the KCCA Leopards set to face off against the KIU Rangers and the Namuwongo Blazers preparing to challenge Dmark Power, all eyes will be on the court.