Ten interesting football facts that will blow you away

Former Chelsea defender David Luiz(shirt 30)|getty images

Crazy Facts Ten interesting football facts that will blow you away

Allan Damba 12:30 - 27.04.2023

With its richness, Pulse Sports Uganda takes you through some of football's craziest facts.

Football is one of the oldest, most followed and loved sport ever. It's only natural that it has seen some very bizarre and interesting facts which the fan, perhaps knew nothing about.

With its richness, Pulse Sports Uganda takes you through some of football's craziest facts.

1.Most red cards in a match

Argentine referee Damian Rubino dishing out a red card|courtsey image

The world, in 2011, witnessed one of the craziest football facts in a fifth-tier Argentinian league, between nemesis Claypole and Victoriano Arenas.

Referee Damiano Rubino dished out 36 red cards. All players on the pitch got sent off, including the ones on the bench and team officials.

36 red cards were given out in a single match|courtsey image

2. Longest Penalty shootout

According to the Guinness World Records, a game in the Namibian Cup between KK Palace and Civics was decided after 48 spot-kicks. Each player had to take three penalty kicks.

However,the record was then broken on 9 March 2022 when two non-league English sides, Washington and Bedlington Terriers took a remarkable 54 penalties after a 3–3 draw in the Ernest Armstrong Memorial Cup, which ended 25–24 in Washington's favour. Five penalties were missed.

54 penalties were taken between Washington and Bedlington|courtsey image
54 penalties were taken between Washington and Bedlington. Five were missed|courtsey image

3. First ever football match on Television

The first match to be broadcasted live was in 1937 between Arsenal and the Arsenal Reserves at Highbury Stadium by this British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

The first ever match to be televised|courtsey image

4. Longest unbeaten streak ever

Between 1986 to 1989, Romanian football club Steaua Bucharest went 106 matches without tasting defeat. In that period they won five league titles in succession, and the 1985/86 European Cup.

Steaua Bucharest team went unbeaten between 1986-1989|courtsey image

However, records in Africa have over the years contested this, asserting that Cote D'Ivoire side ASEC Mimosas went 108 games without defeat between 1989 to 1994. It was achieved in games involving the league and domestic cups.

5. Most goals scored by a goalkeeper

Brazilian goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni, holds this absolutely amazing record as he netted 131 times. He ranks among the top ten scorers for his longtime club Sao Paulo FC.

Rogerio Ceni takes a freekick for Sao Paolo|courtsey image

6. Highest scoring game ever

The bizarre game happened on 31st October 2002 in Madagascar between bitter rivals A.S Adema and SO I'Emyme. The latter scored 149 own goals in protest to poor officiation in the first leg. A.S Adema won 149-0.

A.S Adema beat 149-0 SO I'Emyme and all were own goals|courtsey image.

7. Football Club with most letters

Heard of NAC Breda? Yes you have; the Netherlands outfit's full name has 83 letters, and that's as bizarre as they get.

NAC Breda stands for; Nooit Opgeven Altijd Doorzetten Aangenaam Door Vermaak En Nuttig Door Ontspanning Combinatie Breda. Huh!

8. Largest football tournament

A seven-a-side tournament in Bangkok in 1999 had 5,098 teams. The competition involved 35,000 players which is the largest football has ever witnessed.

9. Football invention

Did you know that football was first invented in China around 476 BC, called Cuju. That was before it got modified by England.

courtsey image

10. Biggest Football stadium

Rugrando 1st of May Stadium|courtsey image

The world's biggest stadium is also the largest sports stadium. Rugrando 1st of May Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea has a sitting capacity of 114,000, which is the biggest.