Popular TV host Kate Abdo makes it official with boyfriend, cuddles up with him on Instagram post

Kate Abdo makes it official with boyfriend || Instagram

Popular TV host Kate Abdo makes it official with boyfriend, cuddles up with him on Instagram post

Stephen Oladehinde 19:36 - 01.03.2024

Love is in the air for CBS Sports presenter Kate Abdo and former heavyweight boxer Malik Scott. The pair recently set the rumour mill ablaze by making their relationship Instagram official, a move that has fans and colleagues talking.

Kate Abdo, the esteemed 42-year-old sports presenter, has sparked excitement by sharing a heartwarming moment with her new man, Malik Scott, on Instagram, as reported by the Sun.

The photo, originally posted by Scott, showcases a tender scene where he is seen kissing Kate on the cheek while she sits on his lap.

Adding fuel to the fire of romance, Abdo adorned the repost with a love-filled red heart emoji, confirming the whispers and speculation about their relationship.

CBS TV Host Kate Abdo || Instagram
CBS TV Host Kate Abdo || Instagram

From the Ring to the Heart

Malik Scott, 43, isn't just any new partner. He's a formidable presence in the boxing world, boasting an impressive 38-3-1 record in his career.

Beyond his fighting prowess, Scott has made a name for himself as a trainer, notably for former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder. This connection adds a layer of intrigue and depth to his relationship with Abdo, intertwining the worlds of sports broadcasting and professional boxing.

Malik Scott || Instagram
Malik Scott || Instagram

The buzz around Kate and Malik's relationship began to build momentum last year, with some playful banter among CBS co-hosts. During a segment, Jamie Carragher prodded Kate about a trip to Alabama, hinting at a connection with Scott. The conversation unfolded with a mix of curiosity and jest:

Carragher: "You went to Alabama, how'd it go? What happened?"

Kate: "I had a great time."

Carragher: "Are we going to meet Malik?"

Kate: "You can meet Malik."

Micah Richards chimed in, seeking clarity about Scott's profession, to which Kate confirmed his involvement in the sports world. Even Thierry Henry couldn't resist joining the conversation, teasing Kate about her evident excitement and slight nervousness.