IGG orders NCS to free Netball funds

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NETBALL IGG orders NCS to free Netball funds

Allan Damba • 07:28 - 24.03.2023

The Office of the Inspectorate of Government has ordered the National Council of Sports to release all the funds meant for the Uganda Netball Federation (UNF).

NCS and UNF have been locked in months of jibes and bites, but the latest development comes to harmonize the situation as the former has been given seven days to effect the order.

"This is to direct you (NCS) to transfer the funds meant for Uganda Netball Federation within seven (7 days) of receipt of this directive upon the transfer," the letter from the Deputy IGG, Patricia Achan Okiria, directed.

"You are further directed to furnish this office with evidence of such transfer to the Federation as soon as practicable to form our opinion on the next course of action."

NCS has for months accused the Sarah Babirye Kityo led federation of failure to account for Ugx. Four hundred twenty-five million fourteen thousand (UGX. 425,014,000) meant for Pent Series and the African Championship trip to Namibia.

Meanwhile, the latter has several times denied receipt of the said funds, asserting signing and accounting for Ugx.186,374,110.

"The accountabilities for the above funds and report regarding the tournaments were dully submitted to the National Council of Sports on 25/11/2021. Accordingly, the funds were remitted on 28/10/2021," the letter cleared.

UNF is planning for the World cup slated for July in South Africa, among other tournaments, including the Africa Netball Championships bound for November 2023 in Uganda, and in holding tight to their funds, IGG asserts NCS crippled their (UNF) preparations.

"Withholding of Uganda Netball Federation funds on allegations of unaccounted for funds by National Council of Sports on unsubstantiated allegations is counterproductive and thus, malicious."

"Uganda Netball Federation needs adequate funds and preparations to guarantee success in both tournaments."

According to reports, UNF has yet to receive money since 2021, and they are supposed to receive more funds to the tune of Ugx.3bn, part of which will be for World Cup preparations.