A closer look at the sports influencer nominees

Some of the nominees for the Pulse Sports Influencer of the year awards

PULSE INFLUENCER AWARDS 2023 A closer look at the sports influencer nominees

Shafic Kiyaga 21:50 - 20.09.2023

The awards ceremony, scheduled for October 7, 2023, brings together influencers from various sectors.

As the anticipation for the Pulse Influencers Awards 2023 reaches catches on, the spotlight shines brightly on who is the biggest sports influencer in the Pearl of Africa.

Six of the country’s top sports journalists have been nominated for the award, with each of them playing a pivotal role in shaping the sports narrative across various platforms.

The nominees for the Sports Influencer of the Year title are nothing short of remarkable. Let's dive into the profiles of these outstanding individuals.

Hudson Mugweri: The Basketball Maestro

Hudson Mugweri, a former basketball player turned basketball analyst, stands out among the contenders.

Armed with a Mass Communication degree, and specializing in PR management at QG Group, He has evolved into one of the leading voices in Ugandan basketball, leaving his mark both on the airwaves and in the digital realm.

As an analyst for the pre-match and post-match shows of the National Basketball League with NBS Sport, Mugweri has made significant contributions to the sport's coverage and popularity.

His role in dissecting the intricacies of the game, analyzing plays, and providing valuable insights has not only elevated the quality of basketball reporting but has also earned him widespread recognition and respect in the world of sports journalism.

"I deserve the award because this year I have focused on one major sport,” he told Pulse Sports Uganda.

“I have been sharing all possible information about the game of basketball, and we can see the visibility it has gotten from the public."

Hudson Mugweri (L) and Desire Mugumisa during the pre-match analysis show on NBS Sport | Photo Credit: Hudson Mugweri via instagram

About the Pulse Influencer Awards, he says, "It is a good initiative because it recognizes someone's hard work.”

“And with this, it makes someone proud of what he or she does and gives someone the courage and momentum to work more and more."

Moses Echodu: The Passionate Sports Enthusiast

Moses Echodu, host of the Radio One Locker Room, is a sports fanatic with a deep passion for local and international sports.

Despite being denied the opportunity to play professional sports due to health reasons, he chose to support and promote the games he loves.

Echodu's dedication extends beyond the radio waves. He actively involves himself in community impact through the Craft Silicon Foundation, where he imparts basic IT knowledge to the less privileged in slum areas.

Additionally, he champions the cause of childhood cancer in Uganda through the Uganda Child Cancer Foundation.

For Echodu, the nomination itself is an honor; "I don't think I can put a claim to it. I was actually surprised by the nomination as I am just an ardent supporter of sports."

“So, to be in the company of those amazing gentlemen from Fatcats Podcast who are doing amazing job with rugby, Allan Daren Kyeyune a fellow co-host on radio one, Hudson Mugweri doing amazing work with basketball and the other gentlemen.”

Moses Echodu cheers on the Uganda Gazelles at the 2023 FIBA Afrobasket | photo Credit: Moses Echodu via Twitter

“So, for me, it’s really just appreciating the nomination recognizing that through my platforms, people have gotten to know more about Sports,” he added.

He believes that the Pulse Influencer Awards are an excellent initiative and hopes they encourage more individuals to excel in their respective fields.

Denis Mayega: The Versatile Sports Journalist

Denis Mayega, a sports journalist with 100.2 Galaxy FM Zzina and Galaxy TV Jikonkone, brings versatility to the table.

His journey in sports journalism began in 2014. Mayega hosts the popular Vuvuzela Mu Ntabwe and the betting program Odd Ku Odd on Galaxy FM, demonstrating his influence in the sports Twitter space, considered one of the largest in Africa.

When asked if he deserves the influencer sports award, he responds with a resounding "Yes, I do." Adding; “I host the biggest sports twitter space in Africa that happens every Friday from 8-9pm.”

He also commends the Pulse Influencer Awards, acknowledging that "they are good and encourage us to work harder."

Mayega believes that these awards motivate content creators to know their work is recognized and valued.

Allan Darren Kyeyune: The Global Storyteller

Allan Darren Kyeyune, a global filmmaker and storyteller, has made his mark in sports journalism.

His portfolio includes awards and interactions with some of Uganda and the world's best sports personalities in various disciplines.

Kyeyune's storytelling prowess extends across different media, from text to audio and video.

His work has been featured on multiple international platforms, showcasing his dedication to amplifying sports stories from Uganda.

He highlights his experiences at major sports events, including the World Athletics Championships and the Commonwealth Games.

When asked why he deserves the Sports Influencer Awards, Kyeyune humbly acknowledges the jury's decision, stating, "First, the jury knows best.”

“On the flip side, I believe in great part, it is an appreciation for the effort and sacrifice I have put in overtime to tell and amplify the small and big stories in the sports sphere both locally and internationally."

Allan Darren Kyeyune at Manchester United's Old Trafford Stadium | Photo Credit: via Twitter

“Choosing to back up sport in a society where it is weighed as the less beautiful sister compared to entertainment, politics or business, I am happy to be nominated,” he mentioned.

He commends the Pulse Influencer Awards as a wonderful initiative that motivates storytellers to work diligently and recognizes their contributions to Uganda's sports media landscape.

Ramathan Kakooza: The Rugby and Cricket Aficionado

Ramathan Kakooza, a sports journalist with Vision Group, has centered his reporting on rugby and cricket.

He discovered a passion for these sports as an intern with Vision Group, finding a gap in the interest from his co-workers at the sports desk, and dedicated himself to bridging that gap.

Kakooza's dedication has taken him to major sports events involving the Rugby Cranes and the Cricket Cranes.

He has unravelled top stories, showcasing his commitment to the world of sports journalism.

In his view, being nominated for an award is a recognition of hard work and passion. He cherishes the milestone and appreciates Pulse Sports Uganda for the honour.

“Being nominated for any award is a good thing. It means, people appreciate what you do, and there is recognition for your work and for the passion,” he explained.

“To me this is a very good milestone, and I appreciate Pulse Sports Uganda for thinking about this award.”

“Everything I do, I do it with passion, especially if it involves sports. And I think I have done some good work, and unraveled top stories, so I think that needs to be recognized.”

FatCats Podcast: The Rugby Enthusiasts

The FatCats Podcast, represented by a couple of passionate former players at different levels, has been nominated for the Pulse Influencer Awards.

This podcast is all about candid rugby conversations, sharing their experiences, and hosting influential people in Ugandan rugby. It also provides insights on Rugby in Africa and the world.

The FatCats Podcast is a product of Fat Cats Media brand and offers video content on their YouTube channel - Fat Cats Media.

Their inclusion among the nominees recognizes their dedication to promoting and celebrating rugby, not only in Uganda but also on the broader African and global stage.

The Pulse Influencer Awards celebrate digital creativity, innovation, and community-building efforts of influential personalities who are shaping various industries.

This year's awards, themed as "The Golden Era - Bold & Elegant," promise an exciting showcase of talent and dedication.

Spanning a wide array of fields, including sports, the Pulse Influencer Awards recognize those who have made a significant impact in their respective domains.

The awards ceremony, scheduled for October 7, 2023, brings together influencers from various sectors.

It is a moment of recognition, appreciation, and celebration of the outstanding work done by these digital creators and storytellers.

Pulse Influencer Awards, held concurrently in multiple African countries, have seen impressive participation, with a record-breaking 200,562 votes recorded across different categories in their inaugural year.

As the sports influencers prepare for the final showdown, the audience eagerly awaits the unveiling of the winners who will continue to shape and inspire the digital landscape in Uganda and beyond.