Minister Ogwang to inspect Teryet one more time before unveiling

Sports minister Ogwang (2nd L) jogs on the running track during his last visit to Teryet in January | Photo Credit: Daily Monitor (George Katongole)

ATHLETICS Minister Ogwang to inspect Teryet one more time before unveiling

Shafic Kiyaga 14:27 - 11.08.2023

According to the latest reports, the Teryet Centre boasts a commendable 96% completion rate.

The UGX 28 billion Teryet National High Performance Training Centre in Kapchorwa, believed to be a game-changer for Ugandan sports, is nearing its full completion.

As the nation waits to unravel its latest sporting jewel, State Minister for Sports Peter Ogwang, will for the fourth time in his tenure inspect the facility this weekend, to ascertain the progress at the facility as it nears completion.

Ahead of his visit, Ogwang expressed the urgent need for finalizing the unveiling date of the state-of-the-art facility.

“We need to fix the date for the official commissioning,” he told Vision Sport, adding; “However, before that, I have to travel and see if the previous recommendations and directives I put in place have been followed."

According to the latest reports, the Teryet Centre boasts a commendable 96% completion rate.

After inspecting the facility, Ogwang plans to brief both the Minister of Education and Sports and the First Lady, Janet Museveni, sharing key insights and findings from his visit.

The national athletics team has already been utilizing the Teryet Centre in their preparations for the upcoming Budapest World Championships 2023, which Ogwang says “Is a clear sign of how much progress has been made.”

The inspection isn't a solo endeavor. Minister Ogwang will be accompanied by a selected delegation from the National Council of Sports, headed by General Secretary Dr. Bernard Ogwel.

The entourage also includes officials from the Uganda Athletics Federation, spearheaded by its president, Rev. Dominic Otuchet.

Ogwang has always maintained a keen eye for excellence during his prior visits to Teryet.

He emphasized the importance of standard work and swift progress, even directing the rectification of detected defects, including an expansion of the athletes' hostel staircase and the reconstruction of specific areas in the kitchen, dining hall, and jogging track.

Ogwang's commitment to the facility's quality was evident when he highlighted that Teryet's main track had only six lanes instead of the recommended eight during one of his inspections.

The training center has been the focal point for various high-profile visits. Ogwang's inaugural inspection as Sports Minister occurred in September 2022, a comprehensive review of the facility followed by a site-assessment meeting.

His last visit was accompanied by renowned British sports commentator Rob Walker after which he gave the constructors a fourth a final deadline to deliver the project.

In January last year, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja lauded the facility as a catalyst for "an explosion of talent development" in Uganda.

Sitting on75 hectares overlooking Kapchorwa municipality to the west, the high-altitude center is expected to spur sports development in Uganda making the country a global powerhouse especially in athletics.

A remarkable feature of the Teryet Centre is its amalgamation of sports and education. Besides boasting world-class sports amenities, it houses both a primary and secondary school, with a budget exceeding UGX2.5 billion.

The center, situated at a 2,575-metre elevation, promises to be a hub for diverse sports disciplines, including football, basketball, volleyball, golf, and more.

The first phase of the construction of the high-altitude center includes the following; Construction of the hostel block, water reservoir, water pump house construction, athletics track, jogging track, artificial turf, electrical and mechanical reticulation.

The works are expected to be done in three phases international standard taking the centre to an international centre of excellence with multiple hostels, a state-of-the-art hotel, physio-room, swimming pool and helicopter pad.