3 reasons why Marcus Rashford’s absence from Euro 2024 could impact England

3 reasons why Marcus Rashford’s absence from Euro 2024 could impact England

Festus Chuma 15:32 - 22.05.2024

Marcus Rashford has been left out of England's Euro 2024 squad but could manager Gareth Southgate come to regret the decision?

Marcus Rashford's exclusion from the England squad for Euro 2024 has sparked a myriad of reactions and speculations. 

The Manchester United forward, who has been a regular feature in England's line-up in previous tournaments, finds himself sidelined despite his significant contributions in the past. 

Here are three key reasons why his absence could be more impactful than it appears at first glance.

Firstly, Rashford's experience in major tournaments is invaluable. 

Having played in the last four major international competitions, including a memorable performance at the World Cup in Qatar where he scored in the 3-0 victory over Wales, his knack for the big stage is undeniable.

His ability to handle pressure and perform under the international spotlight is something that Gareth Southgate's youthful squad will sorely miss.

In response to his omission, Rashford took to Instagram to express his sentiments, showing grace and sportsmanship. 

"Wishing Gareth and the boys all the best for the up and coming tournament," Rashford stated, alongside a graphic displaying the 33 players picked for the provisional squad. 

Secondly, Rashford's versatility on the field could have offered Southgate more tactical flexibility.

 Known for his ability to play across the front line, his speed and skill in breaking down defenses could have been pivotal in games where breaking the opposition's defensive setup is crucial. 

Without him, England may find themselves lacking that extra spark and unpredictability in their attack.

Explaining the decision to leave out Rashford, Southgate highlighted the competitive nature of selection. 

"These are difficult calls. With Marcus I just feel other players in that area have had better seasons. It's as simple as that," he explained during a press conference. 

While other forwards like Harry Kane and Phil Foden bring their own strengths, Rashford offers a unique blend of agility and precision that is hard to replicate.

Lastly, Rashford's recent form might not have been as stellar as expected, with only eight goals in 42 appearances for Manchester United this season. 

However, his proven track record of rising to the occasion in England's colors could have been a game-changer. 

Players often transcend their club form when representing their country, driven by national pride and the aura of international tournaments.

The forwards chosen in his stead, including exciting talents like Jude Bellingham and Bukayo Saka, promise to bring energy and innovation. 

However, the absence of Rashford, alongside other seasoned players like Jordan Henderson and Raheem Sterling, could impact the team's overall dynamics and experience.

England is set for their final warm-up matches against Bosnia and Herzegovina and Iceland which will put the spotlight on the cohesion of Southgate's chosen squad.

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