Agent threatens to sue Vipers over shs.480M Basangwa’s sign-on fee

FOOTBALL Agent threatens to sue Vipers over shs.480M Basangwa’s sign-on fee

Fred Mwambu 09:42 - 27.05.2023

Tadrous Awad claims that Vipers received approximately shs. 480 million from the sale of Richard Basangwa to Wadi Degla.

British Football agent Tadrous Awad has threatened to sue Vipers over an alleged breach of contract in the transfer of striker Richard Basangwa to Egyptian club Wadi Degla.

Through his lawyers at Matrix Advocates, Awad claims that Vipers has not honoured their part to remit the 10 percent commission fee of the total transfer.

According to the documents seen by Pulse Sports, Awad claims that Vipers traded the striker for a fee of €120,000 (approx. shs480 million).

“Our client,” Matrix Advocates wrote in their notice, “pursuant to the exclusive mandate, started negotiations with Egyptian clubs including Wadi Degla SC and he informed you, Vipers SC, of what was transpiring throughout as far as the negotiations were concerned and also stated what he would expect to receive as commission in the event that his negotiations were fruitful which they were.”


The agent claims that Venoms went behind his back and dealt with the club and refused to share a copy of the contract with him.

“To our client's surprise and shock, you went behind his back and circumvented the exclusive mandate you had given to him and received money surreptitiously regarding the transfer of Richard Basangwa.

Awad has given Vipers a seven-day ultimatum to pay him the 10 percent interest, which is about shs.48 million or face legal action.

“We have instructions from our client to institute legal proceedings against you, much to your detriment and reputational embarrassment, should you fail to compensate our client under the following terms within seven days.

Awad wants Vipers to pay the commission and an extra 5% of the sum recovered to cover legal costs.