It DISGUSTS me - Beautiful girlfriend of Porto star blows hot after suffering racial abuse at the Emirates

Danny Namaso’s girlfriend blows hot after suffering racial abuse during Porto vs Arsenal UCL clash | Credits: Instagram/EthelBotchway

It DISGUSTS me - Beautiful girlfriend of Porto star blows hot after suffering racial abuse at the Emirates

David Ben 19:02 - 13.03.2024

Danny Namaso’s girlfriend took to Instagram to call out Porto who racially abused her and her friends because of her boyfriend’s colour.

Ethel Botchway, the girlfriend of Porto forward Danny Namaso, has spoken out against the racial abuse she and her friends allegedly endured during the recent Champions League match between Porto and Arsenal, on Tuesday night, March 12.

he incident occurred during the second leg of their Champions League clash, which ended in a 1-0 victory for Arsenal during regular time, before the Gunners triumphed in a penalty shootout to progress to the quarterfinals.

Arsenal vs Porto
Arsenal defeated Porto on penalties in the UCL round of 16 2nd leg tie to qualify for the quarterfinals | Credit: IMAGO
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Ethel Botchway: Danny Namaso’s girlfriend lashes out on social media after suffering racial abuse from Porto fans

Danny Namaso
Danny Namaso of Porto | Credit: Imago

In a series of Instagram stories, Botchway expressed her outrage at the treatment they received from some Porto fans at the Emirates Stadium during Tuesday’s game.

Danny Namaso’s girlfriend Ethel Botchway
Ethel Botchway is the girlfriend of Porto forward Danny Namaso | Credit: Instagram

Botchway, a Project Support Specialist based in the UK, recounted being subjected to racial slurs and physical aggression, describing the experience as "disrespectful" and "appalling."

"It makes me so angry that I even have to address such things in 2024, where racial abuse is still in effect," Botchway wrote in one of her stories.

Danny Namaso girlfriend Ethel Botchway
Ethel Botchway | via Instagram story

She also detailed how she and her friends were prevented from reaching their seats, pushed, and laughed at by the alleged perpetrators.

“Crucial to address the gravity of the situation, grown men and a few women refusing to let us get through to sit in our seats, pushing my friend with force, laughing hysterically multiple times and videoing us in the process and then pushing me as we were seated.

Danny Namaso’s girlfriend Ethel Botchway
Danny Namaso’s girlfriend Ethel Botchway has over 2,420 followers on Instagram | Credit: Instagram
Ethel Botchway | via Instagram story
Ethel Botchway | via Instagram story

“That is blatantly so flipping disrespectful, disgusting and the view that I now have on some Porto fans is appalling. I don't know if the reason was that we were from London and black, but regardless it's pure disres

Adding to her condemnation, Botchway highlighted the role her boyfriend's ethnicity played in the abuse, stating, “In combining racial abuse with physical aggression crosses a significant line of decency and sportsmanship.

“To have black players in the team, with one of them being my boyfriend, it really disgusts me of how some fans can be so cruel.

Danny Namaso’s girlfriend Ethel Botchway
Ethel Botchway | Credit: Instagram

“Such behavior not only tarnishes the purpose of the game but also shows serious threats to the safety and well-being of players and spectators alike.”

Danny Namaoso’s girlfriend Ethel Botchway reacts after suffering racial abuse
Ethel Botchway | via Instagram story

Botchway concluded by emphasizing the need to take decisive action against racism and violence in football, calling for a commitment to inclusivity, respect, and fair play both on and off the pitch.

Danny Namaso reacts to girlfriend’s post, condemns racism

Danny Namaso
Porto’s Danny Namaso speaks out against racism | Credit: Instagram

In response to the racial abuse suffered by his girlfriend, Ethel Botchway, during the Porto vs Arsenal Champions League clash, Danny Namaso,23, has taken a stand against racism.

The 23-year-old Porto forward, born in England, expressed his disappointment with the behavior of certain Porto fans and called for a peaceful atmosphere for all spectators.

Danny Namaso
Danny Namaso / via Instagram story

Taking to Instagram, Namaso addressed the issue directly, stating, 

Artists are the best fans in the world, but it was sad to receive this news yesterday. My girlfriend, my friends or anyone should be able to watch a Porto game in peace without being racial outraged by "some" of our fans.

Having played for Porto B since 2020, Daniel Namaso started the 2022–23 season by winning the Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira after being handed a surprising first start for Porto in a game that they ran out 3–0 winners over Tondela.

In January 2024, Namaso extended his contract with Porto until June 2028.

Before his career at Porto, Namaso was a shinning star for Reading’s youth team.

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