EURO 2024: Full list of matches and day-by-day fixtures

EURO 2024: Full list of matches and day-by-day fixtures

Festus Chuma 13:39 - 07.06.2024

A look at Euro 2024's schedule, including match fixtures and timings, with detailed day-by-day listings for fans in East Africa.

Euro 2024 is almost upon us as 24 nations gear up for an exciting month of football, each team guaranteed three matches in the group stage and some aiming to play the full seven matches, culminating in the final in Berlin on July 14.

With a summer packed with thrilling football action, fans can look forward to intense clashes featuring top teams like England, Spain, France, and hosts Germany, all vying to dethrone Italy as the reigning continental champions.

Germany, hosting the tournament for the first time since reunification, automatically qualified, bringing a rich football heritage to the forefront.

This prestigious event will see 24 teams compete, including Poland, Ukraine, and Georgia, who secured their spots through the play-offs.

The Euro 2024 schedule is meticulously planned, with matches spread across various cities in Germany, ensuring a wide-reaching impact and a vibrant atmosphere.

Below, you will find a detailed day-by-day fixture list, with match timings in EAT, ensuring you will miss a moment of the action.

Here is the schedule converted to Kenyan time, which is East Africa Time (EAT), 1 hour ahead of Central European Time (CET):

Friday, June 14

- Group A, Munich: Germany v Scotland (2100)

June 15

- Group A, Cologne: Hungary v Switzerland (1500)

- Group B, Berlin: Spain v Croatia (1800)

- Group B, Dortmund: Italy v Albania (2100)

June 16

- Group D, Hamburg: Poland v Netherlands (1500)

- Group C, Stuttgart: Slovenia v Denmark (1800)

- Group C, Gelsenkirchen: Serbia v England (2100)

June 17

- Group E, Munich: Romania v Ukraine (1500)

- Group E, Frankfurt: Belgium v Slovakia (1800)

- Group D, Dusseldorf: Austria v France (2100)

June 18

- Group F, Dortmund: Turkey v Georgia (1800)

- Group F, Leipzig: Portugal v Czechia (2100)

June 19

- Group B, Hamburg: Croatia v Albania (1500)

- Group A, Stuttgart: Germany v Hungary (1800)

- Group A, Cologne: Scotland v Switzerland (2100)

June 20

- Group C, Munich: Slovenia v Serbia (1500)

- Group C, Frankfurt: Denmark v England (1800)

- Group B, Gelsenkirchen: Spain v Italy (2100)

June 21

- Group E, Dusseldorf: Slovakia v Ukraine (1500)

- Group D, Berlin: Poland v Austria (1800)

- Group D, Leipzig: Netherlands v France (2100)

June 22

- Group F, Hamburg: Georgia v Czechia (1500)

- Group F, Dortmund: Turkey v Portugal (1800)

- Group E, Cologne: Belgium v Romania (2100)

June 23

- Group A, Frankfurt: Switzerland v Germany (2100)

- Group A, Stuttgart: Scotland v Hungary (2100)

June 24

- Group B, Leipzig: Croatia v Italy (2100)

- Group B, Dusseldorf: Albania v Spain (2100)

June 25

- Group D, Berlin: Netherlands v Austria (1800)

- Group D, Dortmund: France v Poland (1800)

- Group C, Cologne: England v Slovenia (2100)

- Group C, Munich: Denmark v Serbia (2100)

June 26

- Group E, Frankfurt: Slovakia v Romania (1800)

- Group E, Stuttgart: Ukraine v Belgium (1800)

- Group F, Hamburg: Czechia v Turkey (2100)

- Group F, Gelsenkirchen: Georgia v Portugal (2100)

June 29

- Round of 16, Berlin: runner-up Group A v runner-up Group B (1800)

- Round of 16, Dortmund: winner Group A v runner-up Group C (2100)

June 30

- Round of 16, Gelsenkirchen: winner Group C v third place Group D/E/F (1800)

- Round of 16, Cologne: runner-up Group B v third place Group A/D/E/F (2100)

July 1

- Round of 16, Dusseldorf: runner-up Group D v runner-up Group E (1800)

- Round of 16, Frankfurt: winner Group F v third place Group A/B/C (2100)

July 2

- Round of 16, Munich: winner Group E v third place Group A/B/C/D (1800)

- Round of 16, Leipzig: winner Group D v runner-up Group F (2100)

July 5

- Quarter-final, Stuttgart: winner round-of-16 match 3 v winner round-of-16 match 1 (1800)

- Quarter-final, Hamburg: winner round-of-16 match 5 v winner round-of-16 match 6 (2100)

July 6

- Quarter-final, Dusseldorf: winner round-of-16 match 4 v winner round-of-16 match 2 (1800)

- Quarter-final, Berlin: winner round-of-16 match 7 v winner round-of-16 match 8 (2100)

July 9

- Semi-final, Munich: winner QF1 v winner QF2 (2100)

July 10

- Semi-final Dortmund: winner QF3 v winner QF4 (2100)

July 14

- Final, Berlin (2100)

This schedule should help you keep track of the games in East African time.