LALIGA East Africa Cup Uganda Qualifiers end

Boys' category champions Sparta09

LALIGA East Africa Cup Uganda Qualifiers end

Pulse Sports Team 14:15 - 22.02.2024

LALIGA East Africa representative Alvaro Abreu was left impressed by the talent exhibited in the concluded LALIGA East Africa Cup Uganda Qualifiers held at Busega Community Primary School.

Following the closure of the qualifiers, the LALIGA East Africa Cup final will be held in Nairobi, Kenya in May 2024.

Girls' Category champions Aztec

“The level of the teams was fantastic and I believe Ugandan teams have a very good chance to win the cup,” Abreu stated.

Four teams from the Boys category and four from the Girls category competed in the round-robin format.

LALIGA East Africa Cup Uganda Qualifier ends

Sparta 09 clinched the Boys' category after accumulating maximum points (9 points) and Aztec did the same in the Girls' category.

Abreu explained the objective of this tournament: “Our main goal from LALIGA with this project is to use football as a vehicle for change and better opportunities.”

"We believe displaying the Grassroots talent in East Africa is a great way to connect with fans and clubs. At the same time, we provide an amazing experience for all the kids participating, being part of their memories and lives," he added.

LALIGA East Africa Cup Uganda Qualifier ends

For many years, LALIGA has been a home for many African footballers and Abreu believes this has been a result of grassroots development from different parts of the continent.

“We envision a large impact of this project and even more in the coming seasons with more countries and more partners involved.”

"In Nairobi, we want to have a Tournament that is one of the references of the Grassroots level in East Africa involving the values that must always be present in football under our brand.”

LALIGA East Africa Cup Uganda Qualifier ends

With this new initiative of the LALIGA East Africa Cup, Abreu is confident that more talent will be unearthed.

“The platform we are creating will also be attractive and interesting for Spanish clubs looking into their Internationalization goals to visit and engage with different local Academies and potential players.”

"I would like to encourage other partners to contact us to associate their brands with this amazing project and make together something unique for the region that can create a legacy in the long term," Abreu concluded.

The one-day tournament was organized with the help of Watoto Wasoka.

Sparta 09 (Boys) and Aztec (Girls) will represent Uganda in Nairobi. The two teams from Uganda will be joined by other eight (8) teams from Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia.


Muyambe 0-2 Sparta 09

Home Talent 3-1 Free Style

Home Talent 2-0 Muyambe

Free Style 0-3 Sparta 09

Muyambe 2-0 Free Style

Sparta 09 3-1 Home Talent


MBK Sportline 1-0 Home Talent

Allianz 1-2 Azteks

Allianz 0-5 MBK Sportline

Azteks 3-0 Home Talent

MBK Sportline 0-1 Azteks

Home Talent 3-0 Allianz