The top 10 fastest hat tricks in Premier League history

The top 10 fastest hat tricks in Premier League history

Hassan Abdulsalam 17:35 - 27.12.2023

These moments are etched in the history of the Premier League, reflecting the league's reputation for fast-paced and exciting football.

The Premier League, known for its high intensity and competitive nature, has witnessed some of the fastest hat-tricks in football history. 

These moments highlight individual brilliance and capture the essence of swift and dynamic play. Here's an expanded look at Premier League history's top 10 fastest hat-tricks.

1. Sadio Mane vs Aston Villa (2015) - 2 minutes 56 seconds

Sadio Mane's stunning performance for Southampton against Aston Villa is the fastest hat-trick in Premier League history. Mane's goals came in under three minutes, showcasing his exceptional speed and finishing skills. This remarkable feat contributed significantly to Southampton's 6-1 victory in that match.

Liverpool forwards Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane | Imago

2. Robbie Fowler vs Arsenal (1994) - 4 minutes 33 seconds

Fowler's lightning-quick hat-trick for Liverpool against Arsenal displayed his lethal finishing ability. He scored three goals in just over four and a half minutes, a record that remained unbroken for 21 years.

Robbie Fowler
Robbie Fowler Robbie Fowler

3. Jermain Defoe vs Wigan Athletic (2009) - 7 minutes

In Tottenham Hotspur's dominant 9-1 victory over Wigan Athletic, Defoe was a standout performer, scoring five goals, including a seven-minute hat-trick. This match fully displayed his sharpness before the goal and clinical finishing.

Jermain Defoe
Jermain Defoe Jermain Defoe

4. Gabriel Agbonlahor vs Manchester City (2008) - 7 minutes 10 seconds

Agbonlahor's quick hat trick for Aston Villa against Manchester City was a testament to his pace and predatory instincts in the box. His goals in just over seven minutes were crucial in Villa's 4-2 win.

Gabriel Agbonlahor
Gabriel Agbonlahor Gabriel Agbonlahor

5. Andy Carroll vs Arsenal (2016) - 7 minutes 14 seconds

Carroll's aerial prowess and physicality were vital in his seven-minute, fourteen-second hat-trick for West Ham against Arsenal. His goals showcased his ability to dominate in the air, turning the game on its head.

Andy Carroll
Andy Carroll Andy Carroll

6. Sergio Aguero vs Newcastle United (2015) - 8 minutes

Aguero's eight-minute blitz for Manchester City against Newcastle was part of a remarkable five-goal performance. His hat-trick underlined his status as one of the Premier League's all-time great strikers.

Sergio Aguero
Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero applauds at the end of the Premier League match against Everton Sergio Aguero

7. Ian Wright vs Ipswich (1995) - 9 minutes

Wright's nine-minute hat-trick for Arsenal against Ipswich Town highlighted his natural goal-scoring instincts. His quick succession of goals was a key highlight in a storied Premier League career.

Ian Wright during is days as an Arsenal player || Credit: TIMES NEWSPAPERS LTD

8. Jermaine Pennant vs Southampton (2003) - 10 minutes

Pennant's hat-trick on his full debut for Arsenal against Southampton, achieved in ten minutes, was a dream start to his Premier League career. His performance in this game was a memorable introduction to his talent.

Jermaine Pennant
Jermaine Pennant Jermaine Pennant

9. Teddy Sheringham vs Southampton (2000) - 10 minutes

Playing for Manchester United, Sheringham's ten-minute hat-trick against Southampton showcased his intelligence and finishing ability, contributing to a 5-0 rout.

Teddy Sheringham
Teddy Sheringham Teddy Sheringham

10. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer vs Nottingham Forest (1999) - 10 minutes

Known for his super-sub role, Solskjaer's ten-minute hat-trick for Manchester United against Nottingham Forest exemplified his knack for making an instant impact off the bench.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Each of these hat tricks stands out for the speed with which they were scored and the skill and precision demonstrated by the players. 

These moments are etched in the history of the Premier League, reflecting the league's reputation for fast-paced and exciting football. For more details on these incredible feats, you can explore further at Sportskeeda​​ and Pundit Feed​​.