Breaking: World Netball names Uganda Netball Federation Normalisation Comittee as court denies Sarah Babirye Kityo injunction

Former UNF president Sarah Babirye Kityo was not successful with a court request put stop World Netball from setting up a UNF normalisation committee | New Vision Image

NETBALL Breaking: World Netball names Uganda Netball Federation Normalisation Comittee as court denies Sarah Babirye Kityo injunction

Clive Kyazze 16:14 - 10.11.2023

The High Court of Uganda has denied Sarah Babirye Kityo and the Executive Committee of the Uganda Netball Federation (UNF) their request for an injunction against the National Council of Sports (NCS).

The ruling determined that the applicants lacked the legal standing required to file the application, which aimed to prevent the NCS from installing a normalization committee as per the directives of the International Netball Federation.

The letter signed by registrar Kintu Simon Zirintunsa said: "The Applicants, Babirye Kityo Sarah and the Executive Committee of the Uganda Netball Federation UNF filed this application against the Respondent National Council of Sports (NCS)…”

“…for orders that a Temporary Injunction be granted restraining the Respondents from requesting World Netball (International netball federation Ltd) to establish and or appoint a normalisation committee to take over and control the affairs of the Uganda Netball Federation until after the determination of Miscellaneous Cause No. 236 of 2023 and Cs. No. 440 of 2023."

"I accordingly find the preliminary points of law proved, the application for temporary injunction is accordingly dismissed as Applicants have no locus standi.”

the letter added: “The 1st Applicant is to pay costs of this application to the Respondent.”

UNF Normalisation Commitee 

Simultaneously, in an effort to resolve the governance crisis within the UNF, World Netball has taken a firm stance by naming a Normalisation Committee.

"I am writing to confirm that the following individuals have been appointed to the Normalisation Committee established by World Netball to assume the day to day running of UNF until such time elections to a new board have taken place. The Committee will write to you as soon as possible to advise of its immediate resource requirements,” the letter from World Netball read.

This committee is charged with the responsibility of managing the daily affairs of the UNF, paving the way for eventual democratic elections.

The committee's composition reflects a blend of expertise and representation, Moses B. Mwase who is the chairman is also first vice president at Uganda Olympic Comittee. Mwase is also the president of the Uganda Swimming Federarion.

The others are Cecilia Anyacoti of the National Sports Council, and She Cranes skipper Peace Proscovia as the Athlete Representative from the Uganda She Cranes.

The She Cranes players celebrate with the Ugandan flag after defeating South Africa 49-47 to finish fifth at the 2023 Netball World Cup

UNF has been under pressure to step down and allow for a fair and democratic election process, as outlined in a letter from World Netball.

World Netball's decisive establishment of a Normalisation Committee aims to steer the UNF back to stability and ensure adherence to democratic principles.

The court's dismissal of the injunction, alongside World Netball’s proactive measures, indicates a period of significant transition for Ugandan netball, with legal and administrative actions interweaving to shape the future of the sport in the country.