Popular payment methods for depositing at East African casinos

Popular payment methods for depositing at East African casinos

12:55 - 24.05.2024

Wondering how you can make your deposits at East African casinos? Here is how.

In East Africa, players can make many payment options when depositing. There is nothing more important to casino enthusiasts than feeling secure and protected while using a casino platform.

The list of payment methods below offers reliability, efficiency, and protection.

Bank Cards

Most people hold a bank card so it is a convenient method as well as safe. When you deposit via a card, you have safety if there is any fraud. In most cases the bank will always refund any lost money, this is what makes debit or credit cards a smart choice.

Visa: Visa is a reputable and respected brand with millions of users globally. Almost all trustworthy credit card online casinos accept Visa in East Africa and tend to have high player ratings, reliable customer support and thousands of fair games.

Mastercard: Mastercard can be used in every corner of the world and is secure, reliable and efficient. Mastercard has been used for over 50 years and is still innovating to make payments easier and faster.


An e-wallet is an application that offers financial transactions. It can safely store payment information in the cloud with your password. This method allows you to pay using your phone with no physical card. It is possible to add your personal information like your driver's license or ID to your E-wallet.

Skrill: With Skrill, you can make payments without sharing any of your bank details. You can receive money in your Skrill E-wallet worldwide via a bank transfer, email, or phone.

Neteller: Neteller offers security as you never need to disclose your bank details on the casino site. You can withdraw your winnings with Neteller and send it anywhere in the world in multiple currencies. The best thing about Neteller is that it is fast.

PayPal: It uses encryption secure technology to hide all sensitive data. It offers fast payouts and instant deposits. Opening a PayPal account is easy. Once you link your bank account to PayPal, you will never need to share your bank details with the casino.

Mobile Money Services

When you use mobile money services to add funds to your casino account, you only require your mobile device. You can pay with mobile money by sending a text message.

M-Pesa: M-Pesa is Africa’s most successful mobile money service. It is a popular way for locals in Africa to make payments. It allows people who do not have a bank account but own a mobile phone to make payments.

Airtel Money: This is a common payment method in Kenya and other parts of Africa. Over 400 million users use this convenient and secure mobile money service. Making deposits with Airtel is fast and only requires a PIN.


Cryptocurrencies have become more prevalent because of their anonymity. You will not be required to enter personal details when dealing with crypto payments. It is a super private payment method.

Bitcoin: Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to hit players and is still the most used. It allows you to make instant deposits in a secure, protected manner. The banks are not connected to Bitcoin, so if you like privacy, there is no better casino payment option.

Ethereum: Like Bitcoin, Ethereum does not rely on any bank or financial brokers; it is a decentralized digital currency. What makes Ethereum a good option in East Africa is that it is a global currency with no restrictions. Ethereum is delivered fast into your casino account, and it is resistant to fraud.


As East African casinos grow in popularity, it is critical to choose a solid payment method. It is always best to research the payment method you are thinking of using beforehand; this will help you understand their terms and conditions.