The best ever: Sports journalists and fans 'induct' Lawrence Mulindwa top in Uganda's Sports 'Hall of Fame'

Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa with UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin|VIPERS SC IMAGE

CELEBRATING GREATNESS The best ever: Sports journalists and fans 'induct' Lawrence Mulindwa top in Uganda's Sports 'Hall of Fame'

Allan Damba 17:09 - 27.03.2024

As Mulindwa celebrates his 59th birthday, Pulse Sports Uganda compiles selected homages and plaudits describing and celebrating his aristocracy.

The past two decades have witnessed Vipers SC director Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa evolve as an educationist, entrepreneur, celebrated businessman into Ugandan Sports' corps d'elite.

Through his positions as honorary FUFA (Local football custodians) President, St Mary's School, Kitende Executive Director, and Vipers SC owner, Mulindwa has redefined sports in Uganda.

The FUFA President Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim walking onto the turf with Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa before the Vipers SC UPL crowning ceremony | FUFA

His consistent nobility, gentry and selflessness have drawn tributes from a number of sports journalists and sports enthusiasts.

As Mulindwa celebrates his 59th birthday, Pulse Sports Uganda compiles selected homages and plaudits describing and celebrating his aristocracy.


I don't think there's any sports administrator or investor in the country that has invested in sports more than Lawrence Mulindwa.

Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa addressing the press|VIPERS IMAGE

And, we talk from way back, before independence, or post-independence, I think Mulindwa is the biggest investor in Ugandan Sport; from educating athletes or sportsmen and women. The different sportsmen and women that have gone through his hands.

Today, Vipers SC, which is not even 20 or 30 years old, owns their Stadium. How much money has been spent? We have so many teams that were started in 1968 and they don't even have a land title.

So, for me, for the little time Lawrence Mulindwa has been around Ugandan sports, he's undoubtedly the biggest investor in sports.

This gentleman is competing with government. Government may have facilities, but how many meet international standards? But, this man bought land, built a stadium, owned a stadium, the school has been very dominant in sports and academies in the East African region.

Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa with his SMASK team|USSSA IMAGE

In East Africa, St Mary's Kitende ably competes not only in football, but also netball, basketball and for both genders.

So, for me, he is up there as the biggest investor when it comes to Ugandan sport.


I think he's the best thing that has ever happened to sports in the country.

Of course, you'll talk about different teams or players taking medals, but at times you want to ask for the source. Now this is a man that has had a successful team for years, has funded athletes in sports and other disciplines.

Vipers director, Dr Lawrence Mulindwa (L) with musician Ykee Benda|COURTESY

He has been one of the patrons of the Netball Federation, funding and seeing that it runs especially in the trying times, and we all know what netball is in this country. He has been injecting his own money.

This is a man that has seen players grow from grassroots, seeing them grow to pro stints on continent and Europe and elsewhere.

He's such a philanthropist that he has helped people; the players, coaches and anyone that is close to him.

Mulindwa has big dreams to have sports grow. Look at St Mary's Stadium, Kitende.

This is a man we have to give his flowers  when he's still alive. He's a man we to pray for.

In a nut shell, I feel motivated that Mulindwa is a man that never gets tired to achieve, he's always hungry to win. Its something we should all learn for life.


I think Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa ranks among the most loving sports individuals. There are so many reasons to appreciate him.

In my article of 'Under 40' in the Newvision, I mentioned Dr Mulindwa under reincarnation because I am good student of his works.

Allan Okello with Vipers Director. Lawrence Mulindwa|VIPERS IMAGE

The bursaries he has given to young people at St. Mary’s Kitende that has seen the birth of great sportsmen and women in netball, football and basketball, including the likes of Mary Nuba, Miya Farouk, Godfrey Walusimbi among others. He always picks students from wherever he picks them and puts them in a school at a level of StMarys Kitende.

During his time as FUFA President, the team didn’t qualify for AFCON but we kept knocking. That was the last time the national team had an admirable brand, pedigree and respect of a national team. That is not mentioning the times he footed bills for the team especially for national outings.

His involvement in Mawokota (Ssaza). Where their team got a chance of using St Marys students and it looked a good Ssaza team.

With St. Mary’s stadium, I can’t say a lot about this because it’s not everyday that individuals do this.

Vipers Stadium: St Marys Stadium, Kitende|VIPERS IMAGE

The times he has supported other UPL teams, the support given to Wakiso Hills FC.

And, the best above all, he established a club that has done wonders in the last decade in Ugandan football. He changed the story about competition in the Uganda Premier League.


Without doubt, Dr. Lawrence Mullidwa is the biggest sports hero of our times. He has been a father figure to a couple of players that have gone through St Mary's Kitende. Many clubs are enjoying his generosity and fruits, and it's hard to pick a club without a single player from the school setup.

Mulindwa's impact and influence is felt all over the country, the construction of St Mary's Stadium, Kitende that ha housed the National Teams a couple of times in absence of Namboole Stadium over issues of not being up to standards, cannot go unnoticed.

The elevation of Vipers SC from a mere community club to rubbing shoulders with the continental giants in the CAF Champions League a season ago was a dream come true to the fans and it's all credited to him for the massive investment, coming from a society where appreciation for the good things done is not a culture.

The SMASK players, Mulindwa celebrate with the trophy upon return |SMASK Image

Dr. Lawrence Mullidwa deserves all the credit and appreciation for everything he has done for Uganda, majorly in education and sports.


I think he (Lawrence Mulindwa) is among the top three people who have helped our football grow.

Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa has helped so many people in this country, not only by building talents but also supporting them financially.

As FUFA President, Mulindwa and President Museveni with the Uganda Cranes|COURTESY

I have seen most clubs and the Uganda national teams use his stadium (St Mary's Stadium, Kitende).

He has employed so many people, I know so may people who work there (Kitende) and they earn big and well and he treats them well, so I rank him among the top three people who love Ugandan sports.