NCBA Bank Joins Indian community in holi festival celebrations as celebrity bollywood singers shine

NCBA Bank Joins Indian community in holi festival celebrations as celebrity bollywood singers shine

Brian Aheebwa 15:36 - 25.03.2024

In the verdant grounds of Kampala Parents School, a tapestry of colour awaited as the Ugandan Indian community, bolstered by a diverse group of participants, came together to herald the advent of spring with the exuberant Holi festival.

The event, a vibrant celebration of the victory of virtue over vice, attracted attendees from all walks of life, eager to partake in the joy and unity the festival symbolizes.

The evening's festivities were set into motion by the captivating entrance of Miss India Uganda, whose performance paved the way for an evening rich in cultural exchange and revelry.

Miss Little India Uganda soon followed, offering a series of performances that celebrated the intricate beauty of Indian heritage, each dance a brushstroke in the larger painting of tradition and modernity.

As the clock struck 8:46 pm, the night sky was set ablaze with a spectacular fireworks show, courtesy of NCBA Bank Uganda.

This long-time patron of the Indian community in Uganda chose this moment to inaugurate the festival officially, with the brilliant pyrotechnics symbolizing the burst of joy and renewal that Holi represents.

The event space thrummed with the energy of Bollywood as the Abakari group took to the stage, melding traditional Indian dance with contemporary beats in a fusion performance that captivated the audience.

Their dynamic routine was a highlight of the evening, embodying the festival's spirit of innovation and cultural pride.

Yet, it was the performance by Prankchu, depicting a valorous Indian warrior through acrobatics and spirited dance, that truly captivated the audience, bringing to life the themes of bravery and perseverance that are central to Indian storytelling.

This celebration, a collaboration between the East Indian Cultural Association and the Indian Association of Uganda, was a testament to the strength and warmth of the community bonds formed across diverse cultural backgrounds.

The festivities had begun the previous day with a welcoming event at the Fairway Hotel, setting the stage for the communal joy that would unfold.

As the evening advanced, the air was filled with the enchanting melodies of celebrity Indian singers Sharib and Toshi, their performances weaving a spell of harmony and celebration that moved the crowd to dance and revel in the shared moment of happiness.

A poignant moment of the night was the address by Olivia Mugaba, NCBA Bank's head of business banking.

She expressed her gratitude for the bank's involvement in the festival, highlighting their dedication to supporting the Indian community with specialized financial services.

Joined by NCBA colleagues, she extended heartfelt wishes for a memorable night of joy and music.

The evening was further adorned by Aditi's presence, who brought an air of sweetness and innocence to the festivities, captivating the audience with her charm.

The Indian Ambassador’s closing remarks underscored the festival's core message of love, unity, and the triumph of good over evil, echoing the ancient tale of Holika and Prahlad.

He emphasized the enduring relevance of this story to the festival’s spirit, inspiring attendees to carry forward its values of courage, faith, and communal harmony.

Thus, the night drew to a close, leaving a lasting impression of Holi's true essence: a celebration not just of seasonal change, but of the power of love and unity to overcome adversity, beautifully illustrated by the festival’s rich tapestry of colors, music, and shared joy.