Namuwongo Blazers withdraw from the 2023 NBL season ahead of the playoffs

Blazers' Jimmy D take on a KIU Titans defender during their recent league encounter| NBL image

BASKETBALL Namuwongo Blazers withdraw from the 2023 NBL season ahead of the playoffs

Ian Asabo 14:46 - 29.08.2023

The Namuwongo Blazers have decided to withdraw from the current basketball season weeks before the playoffs start following a decision from FUBA.

Chief Executive Officer Daniel Muttu explains the club’s decision to withdraw from the league, saying,

“The eventual champions of the ongoing basketball season shall not be considered to represent the country in 2024 BAL.”

“Our management team and sponsors set out this season to achieve qualifications to the 2024 BAL as we do every season; with qualification off the table, we have nothing to play for this season,” he continued.

In light of the recent decision by the federation to shift the start of the next season to January 2024, the Blazers management will focus on preparations instead.

“With less than two months left to close registration for the new season, we have decided to focus on consolidation for our team for the 2024 season,” he said.

The registration for the 2024 season will end in November 2023, giving teams a short window to prepare for the forthcoming season.

FUBA Vice President, Administration Hudson Ssegamwenge has revealed that the federation has yet to receive official communication from the club.

“I cannot comment further because we haven’t received an official communication from the club, so we are also waiting,” Ssegamwenge told Pulse Sports.

Last season’s runners-up finished their regular season on Sunday with an 88-62 defeat by the RezLife Saints to take their record to 17-5, which had guaranteed them a playoff berth.