Examplary Private Sports Facilities must teach  our Sports Sector a vital lesson

Outside the main entrance is Mandela National Stadium, Namboole that is under renovation for close to three years now

OPINION Examplary Private Sports Facilities must teach  our Sports Sector a vital lesson

Robert Jjagwe • 11:24 - 28.06.2023

My team has discovered a new Sports Complex in Mengo. In our assessment, this Complex cannot cost more than 100 million Ugx to put up. With the cost of land added may be total cost becomes 250 or 300 million Ugx for a complex of double this size.

It is therefore a very serious Topic for us to discuss as the Sports Sector. Our Federations are now renting complexes like the above at huge costs of 500,000 to 1 million Ugx per day.

So I will say it again that we need to seriously consider this venture where 1 billion Ugx can be availed to each Federation to establish a permanent training facility of the above nature.

With 1 billion Ugx we can even add our offices plus a sitting area for Spectators and that way we also earn money from competition entry fees paid by those Spectators.

If 98 bn Ugx can be released for Namboole and even after that it is still un-usable up to today then why can't 50 bn be released to 50 Federations to establish playing Arenas like the above.

Let the funds be availed to NCS to handle this very important and easy to solve Sports Infrastructure problem.

A national Basketball League at the Indoor Stadium in Lugogo, this is the only indoor national facility in the country

We can even get just half of that amount which would be just 25 bn Ugx and we build such arenas to be shared by 2 Federations each. This way you get all 50 Federations with permanent training homes and offices that they own.

Namboole cannot guzzle 98 bn Ugx plus a further requested 190 bn and hence a total of 288 in renovations but remains in usable up to now when a mere 50 bn can not be released to establish permanent training Facilities, offices and homes for 50 Ugandan Sports Federations Registered under the NCS.

The writer is the President of the UTTA and Secretary General of UUSFA