Nile Special National Open resuscitates PAU, pool

POOL Nile Special National Open resuscitates PAU, pool

Fred Mwambu 16:25 - 07.06.2023

The return of the Nile Special National Pool Open has breathed a sigh of relief and brought a new lease of life to the Pool Association of Uganda hierarchy.

Since 2002, the tournament has caught the attention of thousands of revellers and pool lovers in the country.

That was heightened when Nile Breweries threw in a golden ball with its bottomless sponsorship in 2006.

For over ten years, the game that was turned into a sport and started by Bob Menani in the early 90s lost its crucial sponsor, and then the Open was closed in 2018. It has taken about five years to get it back.

The issues rotated around leadership wrangles that arose after the arrival of Bob Trubish as president/chairman in 2017.

Nile Special later pulled out, claiming a company strategy change.

Trubish and his executive were later ousted in July 109 but reelected the following year.

This year, the beer company has announced a shs.340 million sponsorship that is expected to trickle down to the mini-qualifiers in the 320 venues across 120 districts of Uganda.

New life

Over 10,000 players are expected to participate in the biggest yet competition that runs from June 24th to November 11th.

“The return of the Nile Special National Pool Open Championship is a big milestone as regards the resumption of the sport and getting back to its former glory,” Trubish acknowledges that the return of Nile puts a beautiful, attractive face on the what was a gloomy and broke PAU.

It is not a hidden secret that PAU competitions were quickly losing grip on individual non-regulated battles that have attracted some top foreign players.

“One of the challenges we’ve encountered is the failure to get corporate partnerships on board, but this should be easier going forward.

“In terms of the nationwide coverage, I’m happy because it means the sport spreads wide and we’ll be able to get to a bigger audience as well as spot new talents,” he adds.

So, will Ritah Nimusiima, who has since dropped to seed six, withstand the avalanche when Rashidah Muteesi comes calling?

Will Masoor 'Muto' Bwanika match Ceasar Chandiga's insatiable appetite for success?

Ladies and gentlemen, the Nile Special National Open Championship is BACK!