KOBs too much for Walukuba Barbarians, back in business

Rugby Premier League action between Kobs (blue) and Barbarians | Walukuba Barbarian image

RUGBY KOBs too much for Walukuba Barbarians, back in business

Fred Mwambu 19:58 - 22.04.2023

On a day when Heathens faltered to a 08-06 loss to Pirates, Kobs stayed on their feet to wallop Walukuba Barbarians 50-07 to boost their chances to win the Nile Special Rugby Premiership on Saturday in Walukuba.

Frank Kakula crossed the line just a five minutes to give the visitors the lead but their show was not promising of a title contender. The soggy pitch did not do much to improve the side.

Pius Ogena and David Ssemwami added two more  as Joseph Aredo dealt with the extras to summarise a dull first half witha 17-00 lead.

The mood immediately changed at halftime when the stadium announced the proceedings at Kyadondo where Pirates were leading Heathens 8-6.

Ogena completed his hattrick in the seond staza as Conrad Mukamaya and James Ijongat  touched down before the team pushed for a late penalty try.

"We know there style and the weather so our plan was to keep the ball and starve them which worked in our favour," Pius Agena who was named the man of the match told Pulse Sports after the win that also secured a bonus point.

KOBS got a bonus point so they move to 66, Pirates didn’t get a bonus point so they moved to 65, Heathens got a losing bonus point so they are now on 63.