David Onama relishes victory in latest UFC bout, Sets Sights on Future Challenges

David Onama pounds on Gabriel Santos to seal the victory| Imago images

UFC David Onama relishes victory in latest UFC bout, Sets Sights on Future Challenges

Ian Asabo 13:09 - 26.06.2023

Ugandan UFC fighter David Onama basked in the glory of his recent triumph over Gabriel Santos, but he remains level-headed and focused on his long-term goals.

After a second-round knockout at the Vystar Memorial Arena, Onama's record now stands at an impressive 11 wins and two losses.

In a display of skill and determination, Onama delivered a knockout blow that sent the crowd into a frenzy of excitement.

However, he emphasizes that he will take time into his next fights to close out 2023.

"I'm not rushing anything, man. I'm continuously improving, and it's all about returning to the gym early next week. I know I still have a long way to go," Onama said after the fight.

He also expressed his gratitude towards his coach, Mark Montoya, who provided guidance during the fight and advised him to remain patient.

"Coach Mark (Montoya) told me to stay composed and avoid rushing things. He encouraged me to trust my skill set and let the fight unfold naturally. Tonight, it all came together."

Paying homage to Israel Adesanya's incredible skills, Onama celebrated his victory by mimicking Adesanya's iconic gesture.

He gracefully mimed pulling out an imaginary bow and shooting arrows towards his downed opponent.

"Izzy fought a Brazilian, and I thought, 'I'm going to do what Izzy did. I will knock Santos out, and then I will celebrate like Izzy.' And it showed, so."

While Onama savours his latest win, he remains committed to his development as a fighter.

By assessing his options and training diligently, Onama sets his sights on future challenges that will allow him to further showcase his talent inside the UFC octagon.