NCBA Golf Series Grand Finale marks a spectacular culmination of a Year-Long Journey

Peace Kabasweka and Peter Tumusiime holding the Ugandan Flag at the Sigona Golf Club in Nairobi | NCBA Image

GOLF NCBA Golf Series Grand Finale marks a spectacular culmination of a Year-Long Journey

Brian Aheebwa 11:09 - 03.12.2023

The prestigious NCBA Golf Series culminated in a grand finale at Sigona Golf Club, Kenya, marking an exciting end to a year-long journey on Friday.

The third edition of this illustrious series, which kicked off in March at Kenya Railway Golf Club, saw amateur golfers from Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda compete for top honors.

The series, a testament to NCBA Bank's commitment to elevating golf in the region, involved nearly 3,500 golfers in regional tournaments.

This intense competition culminated in the grand finale with 108 finalists vying for the championship. 

In a display of exceptional skill, Phillip Shiharsy and Louisa Gitau clinched the top spots in the men's and women's categories, respectively.

Edgar Tusiime (M), Marketing Manager NCBA Bank, together with Peace Kabasweka (L) and Peter Tumusiime (R) | NCBA Image

The event wasn't just about golfing excellence; it also featured a substantial prize pool of KSH 300,000 (UGX 7.3M), with the champions in each category taking home KSH 100,000 (UGX 2.4M).

Standout performers included Uganda's Peace Kabasweka, who won the Ladies Longest Drive, and Peter Tumusiime, who emerged as the Gross Winner in the men's category.

Both were sponsored by NCBA Bank for their participation in this grand Nairobi event.

"The 2023 Grand Finale at Sigona Golf Club is a reflection of our dedication to nurturing sportsmanship, skill, and growth in golf, noted Mark Muyobo, CEO of NCBA Bank

This event not only showcased the bank's commitment to fostering excellence in sports but also strengthened the bonds within the golfing community, setting a high standard for future tournaments.

As NCBA continues to invest in golf, the series has emerged as a platform for spirited competition, showcasing the sport's growing profile and fostering a sense of camaraderie among players.

Grand Finale Winners

Piga Mingi Winner: James Mugo, 103 Net

Nearest to Pin Winner: Rahab Thuo

Longest Drive

Winners:Men: John Kariuki

Lady: Peace Kabasweka

Guest Winner:John Kariuki, 80 Gross

Junior Gross Winner:Telvin Thuku, 89 Gross

Staff Winner:Charles Omondi, 97 Gross

Nett Winners

Lady Nett Winner: Josephine Chesang, 73 Net

Men Nett Winner: Jimmy Akhonya, 68 Nett

Gross Runner-Up

Lady Gross Runner-Up: Jaini Shah, 84 Gross

Men Gross Runner-Up: Cedric Konzolo, 77 Gross

Gross Winners

Lady Gross Winner: Louisa Gitau, 84 Gross

Men Gross Winner: Peter Tumusiime, 76 Gross

Overall Gross Winner: Philip Shiharsy, 75 Gross