PICTORIAL: A look at the past Nile Special National Pool Championship

After a series of near misses, Sula Matovu finally won the Nile Special Pool Open in 2016

POOL TABLE PICTORIAL: A look at the past Nile Special National Pool Championship

Pulse Sports Team 08:45 - 23.06.2023

The Nile Special National Pool Championship returns for the first since 2018.

Over the years, the competition hasthrilled pool table fans across the country with exciting moves and performances from the players. We look at some of the past winners 

Rita Nimusiima poses with her accolades, she was the first woman to win the competetion in 2018
2012 winner Jonah Turigye is the first man to win the national Open twice, he won his first in 2010
Alfred Gumisiriza Black Sheep plans for his next shot during the 2013 National Open finals in Lugogo
Mansoor Bwanika poses with his title on top of his main prize (a car) he is the reigning men's champions
The ever jolly Amos Ndyagumanawe defeated Alfred Gumikiriza 7-5 to win the 2015 title
Turirgye Jonah defeated Humphrey Nsubuga in 2010 to win his first of the two National Open Pool titles
Rita Nimusiima (L) prepares to take on Rashidah Mutesi in the 2018 final at the Lugogo Indoor Stadium
Sula Matovu studies the ball on table before his next move during the finals at Lugogo in 2016
You play for fan, but they play for big money and prizes and it requires alot of thinking as Jonah Turigye plans his next move during the finals in Lugogo
After along night, the last man standing drives away in a brand new car, Jonah Turigye (L) recieves the car after winning the 2013 Nile Special National Pool Open
Rita Nimusiima (R) receives keys to her car from FUFA President Moses Magogo after her triumph in the 2018 final
2014 winner Fahad Sewankambo on top of his car with this accolades, he defeated to the big prize
Sula matovu (L) points at the figure on the dummy cheque after he defeated Fred ‘Bonde’ Namanya 7-5 to win the 2016 title
After meeting in the 2012 final that Alfred Gumusiriza (r) won 6-4, they returned in 2015; this time, Amos Turyagumanawe (L) came out on top 7-5
Fahad Sewankambo aims for a shot during the 2014 finals in Lugogo