EAC joint-bid is more than Misagga and Magogo's coldness - Minister Ogwang

Ogwang (2nd from right) handing over the joint bid. Magogo on the far right|CAF Image

AFCON 2027 EAC joint-bid is more than Misagga and Magogo's coldness - Minister Ogwang

Allan Damba 15:49 - 30.05.2023

Uganda's State Minister for Sports, Peter Ogwang has come out to quash any negative energy driven at the Pamoja 2027 Africa Cup of Nations joint-bid.

The bid, which involves Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, has received mixed reactions ever since it's submission about a week ago, upon the approval of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

As such, two antagonistic figures around the football circles in the country; Immanuel Ben Misagga and FUFA boss, Moses Magogo hold divergent opinions.

FUFA Preisdent Moses Magogo (R), State Minister for Sport Hon. Peter Ogwang (C) and Attorney General Hon. Kiryowa Kiwanuka (L) during a session in Parliament | Courtesy photo

While the latter was a stronghold in pushing for the initiative and openly supports it, Misagga on the other hand feels it's built on selfish interests.

This clash of ideas is just the tip of the iceberg of their long-known episodes of bickering, which Ogwang feels does not help the Pamoja AFCON cause.

"The EAC joint bid should be beyond Missaga (for Misagga) and Magogo's coldnes," a bitter-tonned Ogwang said on Twitter in response to a Misagga article titled 'Uganda's 2027 AFCON bid could be a pipe dream' published in the New Vision publication.

"It should not be used as a battlefield for our personal wars. This is a three-country affair, let’s make it a reality," the minister added.

In his article Misagga, who is also a celebrated farmer, claims 'FUFA, the brains behind the idea of hosting the tournament, don't seem to have or comprehend the proper roadmap for a successful execution of an AFCON tournament.'

Misagga's article in the New Vision

But, Ogwang insists the idea is bigger than FUFA, and that it is a government cause that only needs support but not negative criticism.

"First, Uganda’s Pamoja AFCON bid was not born yesterday as you claim. As we are all aware, EAC has never hosted this tournament and the idea was born in July 2022 when H.E. the President hosted CAF President."

"He requested that EAC be given an opportunity. He would later interest his counterparts from Kenya and Tanzania. That is how the Pamoja’s East Africa’s 2027 AFCON Joint Bid was born," Ogwang revealed.

"So, government has been fully part of the process and once the bid is successful, government will definitely earmark resources to undertake infrastructural developments required by CAF including building more stadia and training facilities."

"The issue of infrastructural development is far beyond FUFA; it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and Sports. FUFA is just a tenant who would be required to pay just like any federation whenever they want to use the facilities."

"If we wish well for this country, then it is high time we stood in solidarity to support the joint Pamoja AFCON bid for the bigger interest of the EAC," he rallied.

The Minister also offered to meet Misagga for thorough discussions on the matter, and how they can help bring the bid to fruition.

"I know Mr. Missaga as a celebrated sports lover and if he truly wishes Uganda well then my office is open, come let’s share ideas on how to make this bid a reality and not a pipe dream like you have called it."

"Don’t call a forest that shelters you a jungle. If you are concerned about Uganda’s sports destiny then please offer constructive, not destructive criticism that is riddled with individualistic fights."

In the bid to win the hosting rights, the EAC joint-bid is up against Algeria, Botswana and Egypt, with CAF set to announce the winner on August 15.