'Player Power': Exactly how dangerous is it?

Morley Byekwaso struggled to get thigs right at KCCA |Pulse Sport UG Image

INSIGHT 'Player Power': Exactly how dangerous is it?

Allan Damba 18:51 - 21.04.2023

Football clubs primarily deal with personalities, players so toxic, virulent and malignant that their entirety can be threatened into ruins.

Quality staff can be as synonymous with value as toxicity: they can be valour and venom at institutions.

Football clubs primarily deal with personalities, players so toxic, virulent and malignant that their entirety can be threatened into ruins.

"In the short term, the results start to be poor, and in the long run, the coach loses control of the dressing room," FUFA Coach Instructor Mujib Kasule told Pulse Sports

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"When players have more power than the coach, and they use it to defy the coach, that team can no longer function," he adds.

Player Power is a plague that has eaten up football clubs the world over, with KCCA FC the latest victim in Uganda, as revealed by now-former head coach Morley Byekwaso.

"I have taken my decision to resign because there was too much player power in the team," Byekwaso painfully said as he threw in the towel on Sunday.

"Player power exists in our football," asserts former KCCA, Vipers SC and Police FC head coach Abdullah Mubiru.

"Just like any other bad habit, player power is critical. A case study is KCCA; they only settle for a few seasons, then it emerges," now at Tanzania's Mbeya City, Mubiru adds.

What exactly is 'Player Power'?

"Player power exists. It's when certain players feel they are bigger than others and the coach, and start to defy the coach or mislead fellow players against the coach," Kasule educates.

"The coach needs to fix it immediately he detects it by stamping his authority, including getting rid of the culprits," the Proline FC director adds.

So often, the coach takes the stick since this pernicious scourge comes with negative results on and off the pitch.

"It's preventable by the club giving the coach full authority of the technical issues and backing him," he says before adding:

"Coaches should lead the recruitment exercise, and players should not have unnecessary access to the owners."

Mubiru reiterates the need for the coach to have almost absolute powers over his team if the canker is to be fully dealt away with.

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"You see, coaching is authority and control according to the way I understand," he states.

"The moment you lose control, influence and authority over technical matters, technical team, dressing room (players) and backroom staff, then success hangs on chance."

How to fix it

"Management should embrace a professional way of handling the team," Mubiru educates, before adding on the courses that can be undertaken to solve vice in general.

"Coaches Personality, Coaches Competency to Technical Matters and Management Interference in decision making in regards to technical matters like recruitment of players, assistant coaches."

The Player Power bane has to be stamped out of football to save not only coaching careers but also the players', as they never realize their full potential where it gets harboured.