Ranked: Countries that produce the most expensive players

FOOTBALL Ranked: Countries that produce the most expensive players

Shafic Kiyaga 16:01 - 26.08.2023

Football remains the world's favorite sport, and these valuations are a testament to its global appeal and the immense talent it nurtures.

Footballers are more than just players on the pitch; they are assets with varying market values that reflect their skill, potential, and contribution to the game.

A comprehensive study conducted by Premier Bet has delved deep into understanding which countries generate the most valuable footballers.

Here’s an in-depth look, starting from Uganda and moving through Africa to the broader global scenario.

While Uganda didn't make the main list in Premier Bet's study, there's no denying the talent springing from its grounds.

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If you were to accumulate the values of the top 15 Ugandan players, you'd be looking at a striking USD 4,850,000 (UGX 18.1 billion).

The average market valuation for a Ugandan footballer is approximately USD 323,000.

Uganda’s highest valued player is Farouk Miya with a sterling valuation of USD 900,000, followed by goalkeeper Salim Jamal at USD 650,000.

Uganda Cranes midfielder Farouk Miya in action against Tanzania during their AFCON 2023 qualifier meeting | Photo Credit: Courtesy

On the domestic scene, Milton Karisa of Vipers SC emerges as the crown jewel of the Uganda Premier League, with a value of USD 325,000.

Mali reigns supreme in Africa with the highest average player value pegged at £1,241,674. Their gem, Cheick Doucouré, alone is worth an impressive £30,052,756.

Following Mali, Côte d'Ivoire is not far behind with an average player valuation of £1,099,919.

Countries like Morocco, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Senegal, and Ghana also feature prominently.

Ghana's average stands at £779,633, while Cameroon, Algeria, Guinea, and Angola complete the top ten list in the African continent.

The global arena is dominated by England, where the average footballer's worth exceeds £7 million.

This is best exemplified by talents such as Bukayo Saka and Jude Bellingham, both commanding valuations over £103 million.

Bukayo Saka in action for England

France, with the football sensation Kylian Mbappé (worth over £154 million) at its forefront, clinches the second spot with an average player value of £6.7 million.

The iconic football nation of Brazil stands third, largely due to stars like Real Madrid’s Vinicius Junior, who alone is valued at over £128 million.

Spain, Argentina, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, and Uruguay sequentially complete the top ten in global rankings.

The study also threw up some intriguing facts: Bangladesh, despite its passion for football, has players with the lowest average value of £34,458.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s players have the oldest average age, positioned at 29 years.