WIFU Organization Encourages Young Girls to Play Football in Uganda

Mercy Nabisaalu passing on instructions in one of the training sessions

FOOTBALL WIFU Organization Encourages Young Girls to Play Football in Uganda

Ian Asabo 08:15 - 29.04.2023

Women in Football Uganda (WIFU) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting women's football in the country.

Women in Football Uganda (WIFU) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting women's football in the country. 

The organization, which has existed since November 2021, is spearheading the growth of women's football in Mukono district. 

Currently run by five directors, the organization's primary goal is encouraging young girls to participate in sports. 

Nabisaalu and Nabulobi are pursuing master's degrees while reporting to the Lady Cardinals in the FUFA Women's Super League. 

Akao Ruth works for Plan International Uganda, while Kitonsa Alex is the head of finance for the organization and represents the community club Free Stars. 

Ahumuza mentors the girls despite her busy schedule as a UCU football coach. 

WIFU allows young girls to converge at the Champions United FC grounds in Kauga, Mukono Central Division, every Saturday for training. 

According to Nabisaalu, the NGO started with about fifteen girls registered from the neighbouring community teams but has seen the number grow since its inception. 

The organization's role is not limited to coaching the girls on how to play football but also teaching them life skills that may help them off the pitch. 

The girls learn about personal hygiene, discipline, and other life skills to help them become complete footballers and good human beings. 

WIFU also hosts different role models in sports to coach the girls, including referees, coaches, and administrators at all game levels who encourage these girls. 

The founders were inspired to start the NGO out of the need to provide the girls with the right tools to navigate their professional and personal lives. 

Many coaches only teach girls how to play football, which is a detriment to an athlete's development as a sportswoman and as a human being, according to Nabisaalu. 

However, the organization has faced several challenges along the way. 

Some coaches at various academies are reluctant to let their players participate in the training, thinking they may be stolen from their teams. 

Financial constraints have also been a problem as the equipment needed for the training takes time. 

Some parents also negatively perceive their daughters joining this initiative because they believe boys should play football. 

Despite these challenges, WIFU plans to expand shortly and visit other communities around the country when the time is right. 

Lady Cardinals head coach, Christian Magoba, has praised the individuals for their commitment to a project like this, and he is sure it will positively impact the community. "I am proud of what these ladies are doing both on and off the pitch," Magoba said. 

"It takes a lot of commitment to undertake an initiative like this, and they are having a positive impact in the community and will always have our support," he added. 

WIFU is a promising initiative helping young girls in Uganda develop their football skills and become well-rounded individuals. 

With the support of the community and stakeholders, the organization can significantly impact the growth of women's football in the country.