AFCON 2023: Champions to walk away with 26 billion in prize money

Senegal's Sadio Mane embraces the Africa Cup of Nations title after their triumph in Cameroon | Imago

FOOTBALL AFCON 2023: Champions to walk away with 26 billion in prize money

Clive Kyazze 15:16 - 04.01.2024

Two years ago, the excitement and anticipation surrounding the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) was no less than what it is today.

The stakes were high, and the lure of victory was undeniable. Yet, the rewards for the champions were significantly different.

At the 2021 edition in Cameroon, the winner of the AFCON received USD 5,000,000 (UGX 18.5b), a sum that was undoubtedly substantial but comparatively modest when we look at the staggering increase announced for the 2023 edition in Ivory Coast.

Back then, the Runner-up settled for a still impressive USD 3,000,000 (UGX 11.1b).

The Semi-finalists in 2021 were not far behind in terms of monetary rewards, as they each walked away with USD 1,500,000 (UGX 5.6b), a far cry from the USD 2,500,000 (UGX 9.3b) allocated for the same achievement this time round.

Similarly, the quarter-finalists in the previous edition received USD 800,000 (UGX 2.96b) each, a sum eclipsed by the USD 1,300,000 (UGX 4.8b) that their counterparts in 2023 would claim.

This monumental increase in prize money was announced by the CAF President Patrice Motsepe.

“CAF has made significant progress over the past two years in increasing the Prize Money of the AFCON and all its other major competitions,” Motsepe told the CAF website.

“I am confident that a portion of the Prize Money will contribute to developing football and also benefit all the football stakeholders, as well as assist our Member Associations with their administrations.”

The 2023 Africa Cup of Nations will be the 34th edition with and while Senegal will be aiming at defending their crown, nations like Ghana, Egypt, and Cameroon will be hoping for a fifth, eighth, and sixth title, respectively.