FAU's Boys primary schools futsal league to ushers in a new era of talent development

The Futsal U-12 primary schools tournament is set to kick off next month| Courtesy picture

FUTSAL FAU's Boys primary schools futsal league to ushers in a new era of talent development

Ian Asabo 15:44 - 23.06.2023

Uganda's Futsal Association (FAU) has set the stage for an exciting journey of sports and education with the launch of the Boys Primary Schools Futsal League.

This groundbreaking league aims to nurture young talents while instilling essential values in the participating students.

Schools like Twinbrooks International School, White Angels Primary School, Rays of Grace Primary School, Teletubbies Primary School, and Crayon Preparatory School have eagerly embraced this opportunity to showcase their skills and compete for the coveted title.

With the league's kickoff scheduled for July 1st, anticipation fills the air as PR Moses Wantimba sheds light on its purpose.

"The Boys Primary Schools Futsal League serves as a stepping stone for young talents, providing them with a platform to showcase their skills while reinforcing the significance of education in their overall development," Wantimba told Pulse Sports.

FAU has intentionally designed the league to promote core values beyond the court. Wantimba explains,

"By promoting values like fair play, a balanced lifestyle, respect, and the pursuit of excellence, we are shaping not just athletes but well-rounded individuals who can contribute positively to society."

This unique approach intertwines the worlds of sports and education, emphasizing the profound impact that athletic endeavours can have on character development.

Wantimba talked about the league structure that included fairness and inclusivity, presenting the team with the most consistency to emerge victorious.

"The league's structure mirrors FAU's commitment to fairness and inclusivity," he told this website.

"The Primary 6/U12 category will kick off the league, engaging the young talents in a round-robin format which will test the consistency of all teams and therefore have a deserving winner."

As the excitement builds up, three consecutive Saturdays in July 2023, starting from the 1st and concluding on the 15th, will witness thrilling matches among the participating schools.

Each school will compete in eight games per term across various age groups, ensuring equal opportunities for all students to showcase their abilities.

While the individual terms hold their significance, the ultimate glory awaits the school that emerges victorious across all three periods and age categories.

The team that conquers each term will inch closer to being crowned the overall champion, a testament to their consistency and dedication.