I wish I had gone to school - Willy Kyambadde's only regret

Kyambadde as a KCCA FC player in his playing days|New Vision image

TRIBUTE I wish I had gone to school - Willy Kyambadde's only regret

Allan Damba 18:48 - 13.06.2023

Express FC legend 'Jamil' Willy Kyambadde passed on Monday at his home in Kawempe, after he reportedly slid and fell, eventually breathing his last.

His demise came only a few months after coming out of rehab, having had a long battle with a reported alcohol addiction.

Willy Kyambadde was out of rehab at the time of his demise|courtesy image

Kyambadde was in every sense of the word (s) a hugely talented footballer, best known for his outrageous dribbling abilities and vision.

While he had a successful career, at the time of his passing, he was enduring social and financial difficulties and in his own words, Kyambadde believed life could have turned out differently had he been educated.

"My only regret is not going to school," he confessed in his interview with local YouTube channel 'Smile Zone'.

"I don't regret playing football because it's what I grew up doing, I lived and loved it, but I wish I had gone to school," he added.

"Footballers during our times didn't go to school, apart from the likes of Ssekagya (Ibrahim), Obua (David)," Kyambadde noted.

And, despite featuring at Naggalama Islamic school as a teenager, his spell there was shortlived as he switched to Express FC at 17.

"Growing up, for me it was about football and just that. It was the case for many other boys, but yes, not going to school is what I regret from my past."

While many can argue education could have made a whole different Kyambadde, other factors could probably have had a say in the upturn of things.

In 1995, Kyambadde nearly joined South Africa's Orlando Pirates but Express held tight onto their diamond; keeping him in a then-Ugandan environment, not so favorable for the growth of a complete footballer.

"Look at Obua, did he remain the same when he went to South Africa? He came back different. Clubs abroad have a professional way of doing things," Kyambadde noted.

However, while he's with the angels, Kyambadde should be proud of his footballing career at each of Express, KCCA FC, Arua Young, Proline FC, Soltilo Bright Stars, Jomo Cosmos (Zambia) and at Vietnamese side Dongtan Long FC.