Why FUFA referee Nkurunziza resigned

George Nkurunziza resigned from active refereeing.

FOOTBALL Why FUFA referee Nkurunziza resigned

Allan Damba 09:38 - 12.08.2023

Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) referee George Nkurunziza was handed a ten-year ban off all football related activities for being found guilty of match fixing.

The ban however met a resignation letter from the aggrieved match official.

Nkurunziza, in his letter, terms refereeing in Uganda a 'treacherous journey' as he called the federation 'ungracious.'

The ungratefulness from FUFA thus triggered Nkurunziza's resignation, despite the existing ban.

"I write to inform you that from this day I resign from active refereeing," Nkurunziza said in a Friday letter tended to the Referee's Manager.

Nkurunziza stung the federation for having unrealistic expectations from referees yet the return is the absolute opposite.

"To prospective entrants or those who would wish to join refereeing, I wish you the very best in the most treacherous journey of the seemed professionalism, a journey that requires you to produce oceans of submissiveness and loyalty in return of servitude to the most ungracious humans."

Referees in Ugandan football remain some of the most under-paid individuals yet they operate in a very tempting business, where manipulating results can earn them a life.

Nkurunziza, was banned along with two players from Gaddafi FC including Mahad Yaya Kakooza and Andrew Waiswa.