Controversy as Spain's coach seems to grab female coach's breast during FIFAWWC celebrations

Jorge Vilda led Spain to a first-ever title as World Champions | X/@SEFutbolfem

Controversy as Spain's coach seems to grab female coach's breast during FIFAWWC celebrations

Izuchukwu Akawor 16:27 - 23.08.2023

Spain's historic win at the FIFAWWC continues to be overshadowed by controversies with the coach of the side Jorge Vilda the latest to be accused of inappropriate behaviour.

The FIFAWWC winning coach Jorge Vilda has come under heavy criticism after an inappropriate video of him surfaced on social media.

Vilda and Spain made history last week after he led La Roja to a first-ever FIFAWWC title in Australia. 

Spain defeated European champions England 1-0 in the final, with captain Olga Carmona the hero of the day as she scored the historic winner. 

Controversy mars Spain’s win

Spain crowned World Champions | X/@SEFutbolfem

La Roja became the latest to seal be crowned world champions following a hard-fought against England.

However, their impressive outing at the ninth FIFAWWC has now been overshadowed by controversies. 

Luis Rubiales kissed Jennifer Hermoso during the medal ceremony as Spain were crowned World Champions| Photo Credit: Imago

Following Spain’s victory last Sunday, there was a bizarre moment between La Roja’s Jennifer Hermoso and the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales.

Rubiales was one of the top personalities who was on the podium during the medal ceremony as they congratulated the world champion.

President of the Spanish Federation of Football RFEF, give an Official T-Shirt of Spain Team and a Gold Medal to Jenni Hermoso in 2019 || Imago

However, the Spanish Federation chief hugged Hermoso, held her face with both hands and, between laughs, before planting a kiss on her mouth. His action has since been criticised heavily after trending.

Vilda under the storm

In a similar development, the coach of the side is the latest to be accused of inappropriate action following another video. 

According to a report by the Mirror, coach Vilda was seen appearing to grab the breast of her female coach during their celebrations in the final.  

Jorge Vilda
Vilda Jorge appearing to touch the breast of one of his coaches. (Photo Credit: Screenshot from the video)

Per the report, after captain Carmona’s 29th-minute goal against the Lionesses, the footage shows the staff celebrating, during which Vilda’s left hand was seen on a female staff member’s breast.

The said video lasted less than 10 seconds and has circulated widely on social media leading to negative reactions. 

Spain captain Olga Carmona | X/@SEFutbolFem

“Still not understanding because no one is talking about Jorge Vilda's touch, only Rubiales. They have to pay both,” one of the replies in the comments noted. 

“I have denounced Vilda's sexual assault towards a player who is squeezing a breast. It is a serious crime. It also surprises me that the focus is only on Rubiales. Both of them and all those who disparage women's soccer and have sexist behaviors must be dismissed,” another added, 

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