The fellas running KCCA FC, how badly do they want to see the club fail?

KCCA FC officials and players seem to be dejected after their 2-0 loss to NEC at Lugogo | Bata Image

FOOTBALL The fellas running KCCA FC, how badly do they want to see the club fail?

Clive Kyazze 06:05 - 30.10.2023

"Service above self" is a motto or principle that emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the needs and well-being of others before one's self-interest.

It is often associated with acts of altruism, selflessness, and community service, highlighting the value of helping and serving others without expecting personal gain or recognition.

This concept is often found in various charitable, humanitarian, and volunteer organizations as a guiding philosophy.

Unfortunately, it is not something you can often associate with many of us in this part of the world, especially in sports, and football in particular.

The people in charge of sports in Uganda often carry themselves with a selfish, self-centered, inconsiderate, self-obsessed, egoistic, me-first attitude.

This is often due to their lack of knowledge about their roles, low self-esteem, or a natural disposition.

This is the predicament that KCCA FC finds itself in; the 13-time Uganda Premier League champions are going through a difficult phase, and they don't know how to get themselves out of it.

KCCA FC get new chairman, board members

08:14 - 04.09.2023

FOOTBALL KCCA FC get new chairman, board members

KCCA FC patron Erias Lukwago who also doubles as the Kampala Lord Mayor has made reshuffles in the club board of directors. Eng Andrew Sserunjogi Mukiibi is the new KCCA FC chairman, replacing Martin Ssekajja

Why? Because the leadership has chosen not to govern the football club with a "service above self" mentality, which can be attributed to ignorance, naivety, or an inherent trait.

The football club has lost their opening five games of the current StarTimes Uganda Premier League.

They sacked their coach, Sergio Traguil after four defeats through a press release signed by the club chairman, Andrew Sserunjogi Mukiibi.

Word on the Streets has it that midfielder Moses Waiswa and goalkeeper Derrick Ochan are serving a suspension for indiscipline imposed by the board on the recommendation of Sergio.

Mukiibi and the other board members should use this time to revive their reign; otherwise, history will remember them as the individuals who led the once-model club of Uganda to ruin.

You can't be entrusted to run one of the best football clubs in the region and your actions give the impression that you are determined to see it stuck in the trenches.

Many times, when the name Julius Raymond Kabugo comes up, so many current leaders at Lugogo get offended, especially with how much praise he receives from the fans.

Kabugo set a precedent and transformed the football club on and off the pitch with proper leadership, governance and success, leaving behind a blueprint that can't be traced any more, and we are talking about just seven years back. 

As a leader, Kabugo's mastery was knowing how to handle and communicate with those below him, players, coaches, legends, elders, administrators, and fans. 

You have the privilege of working with a football visionary like Aggrey Ashaba, and you want to go to great lengths to remove him? Who would contemplate such an action? 

Ultimately, Ashaba stands to lose nothing by not being on the KCCA FC board, but the board itself remains incomplete without the presence of a selfless individual who has just one dream; to see KCCA FC prosper. 

And possesses the knowledge of how to achieve it. This is something that many, if not all, of you may not possess.

Creating a healthy environment for everyone to prosper and thrive in their department should be felt right from the board, management, players, technical staff, cooks, cleaners, and the gatekeeper.

Everyone may blame the players for underperforming, but as leaders, have you created the environment for these individuals to thrive and prosper beyond paying them on time and providing other benefits?

Can you, for once, put aside your egos and work for the betterment of KCCA FC? Can you be determined to see the football club rediscover its feel-good factor?

Don't be determined to sabotage the system because history will judge.